HYPER JAPAN Summer 2019 Preview

The UK’s biggest Japanese cultural event is back… Hyper Japan is the UK’s biggest convention of J-culture and anime held in the UK. First staged in 2010, Hyper Japan is designed to promote all aspects of Japanese culture, encompassing food, … Read More

AI OTSUKA and Fruits Basket

Ringing in the changes… Celebrating the 15th anniversary of her debut, J-pop singer-songwriter Ai Otsuka’s new song ‘Chime’ has been chosen as the new opening theme for the 2019 TV anime Fruits Basket. Ai Otsuka is probably best known for her … Read More


Metal mayhem returns… With the release of yet another new tune in the form of ‘PA PA YA!!’, it seems appropriate to check in on what’s happening with everyone’s favourite metal maids Babymetal. With a Glastonbury appearance booked in – … Read More

RIE FU is going Places

Reflective moods The lush melodies of Rie fu have provided some of the most charming moments of the Japanese music scene in recent years. Now she’s back with a brand new composition titled ‘Mirror’, which heralds a new impending album … Read More

PSYDOLL – Machine Kingdom

Cyber Pop Go Music seems to love a neat, orderly system of genres for artists and bands to be filed in. Occasionally, however, some bands turn up that prove difficult to nail down to any one niche. Tokyo’s Psydoll are … Read More

J-Pop Go Review Of 2018

The year in J-pop… 2018 saw some turbulent events in the world of Japanese music, including some line-up changes and one significant retirement. But among the stories were some good record releases – and more than a few newer acts … Read More

HYPER JAPAN Winter 2018 Preview

The UK’s biggest Japanese cultural event is back… Hyper Japan is the UK’s biggest convention of J-culture and anime held in the UK. First staged in 2010, Hyper Japan is designed to promote all aspects of Japanese culture, encompassing food, … Read More

HYPER JAPAN Summer 2018 Review

Summer musical thrills from Hyper Japan… Nothing really beats a summer event packed with Japanese culture. As ever, Hyper Japan were on hand to provide 3 days of food, fashion, gaming, cosplay, anime and music all connected with that particular … Read More

NECRONOMIDOL bring Black Winds to the UK

Occult idol adventures await… This summer sees a special tour hit the UK care of occult idol outfit NECRONOMIDOL. Along for the ride will be 2 other idol acts traveling under the banner of the Black Winds Over Albion tour. … Read More

2017 – Songs Of The Year

2017 has been a mixed combo of winners in many genres, including some classic artists. Here’s the songs that J-Pop Go think stood out this year – along with the personal lists from the J-Pop Go contributors… Perfume – TOKYO … Read More

2017 – The Year In Review

2017 has been a particularly busy year in the world of J-Pop. It’s seen the return of old favourites as well as the emergence of new talent. Meanwhile, the UK has hosted some amazing events along with some great acts … Read More

HIMEZAWA – Spades & Stars

Shooting for the stars… With her debut album Spades & Stars just released, Himezawa has had an opportunity to reflect on her fortunes since relocating to Japan several years back. The German-born musician, model, author and performer had started her … Read More

TORIENA Interview

The 8-Bit brilliance of one of Japan’s rising chiptune stars… The world of chiptune and 8-bit electronic music has been a compelling niche area for grassroots musicians for a number of years. One of the rising stars of this scene … Read More

BRATS Ainikoiyo/Nounai Shoukyo Game

BRATS return with new CD release… Rei Kuromiya lives an interesting life, dividing her time between idol outfit The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY – as well as the rock outfit BRATS which she shares with sister Aya Kuromiya. Now … Read More

Ikutaro Kakehashi 1930 – 2017

Japan’s music industry lost a legend recently with the passing of IKUTARO KAKEHASHI. Founder of the Roland company, Kakehashi was a pioneer of electronic music whose impact is still being felt in the music business today. Much of Roland’s early … Read More

2016 – The Year In Review

2016 has been an eventful year for J-Pop, particularly here in the UK which hosted both some big names and small names for live performances. Along the way we saw the return of old favourites and also some shocks for … Read More


A guide to the Japanese indie rock outfit It’s always hard to say goodbye to a band that you love, especially when their music has had a major impact on your life. You know the kind we are talking about: … Read More

J-Pop Go Songs of 2015

2015 was a particularly strong year for J-pop which saw some old favourites as well as the debuts of some fine talents. Here’s our take of the best songs of the year… Otsukare Summer – Dempagumi.inc The arrival of Dempagumi.Inc’s … Read More

HYPER JAPAN Xmas Market 2015

With the winter chill bearing down, HYPER JAPAN warmed crowds up with a diverse variety of musical entertainment… The Christmas Market version of Hyper Japan can often feel like a scaled down version of its summer event – particularly following … Read More


Making her singing debut, HIMEZAWA steps forth with new single release ‘Wagamama Love’… Originally hailing from Germany, HIMEZAWA spent a brief time in the UK before moving to Japan where she became a model for Asobisystem. Her cosplaying career kicked … Read More


This September sees the return of the JAPAN MATSURI to Trafalgar Square, London. The annual event features a variety of stage performances, singers, Japanese food, stalls and much more! This year marks a special anniversary celebrating 150 years of friendship … Read More

The Musical Talents Of CLANNAD

Touching anime series Clannad presents a slice-of-life story that follows high school delinquent Tomoya Okazaki. As a troubled soul, Tomoya battles a fractious relationship with both his father and his school. But Tomoya’s life is about to radically change when … Read More


LAST EXILE emerged as a series that set the bar for stylish, intelligent anime. The carefully crafted design work and thrilling narrative provided a compelling combination in hand with the sweeping orchestral elements of the soundtrack. The breathtaking visual style … Read More


HYPER JAPAN is the UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture, cuisine and entertainment and will be taking place at their new home of The O2 in Greenwich, London on 10th–12th July 2015. Imagine Jurassic Park, but with less dinosaurs (although … Read More

HYPER JAPAN Music Guide 3

HYPER JAPAN is the UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture, cuisine and entertainment and will be taking place at their new home of The O2 in Greenwich, London on 10th–12th July 2015. With the return of Hyper Japan comes a … Read More

HYPER JAPAN Music Guide 2

HYPER JAPAN is the UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture, cuisine and entertainment and will be taking place at their new home of The O2 in Greenwich, London on 10th–12th July 2015. With the return of Hyper Japan comes a … Read More

HYPER JAPAN Music Guide 1

HYPER JAPAN is the UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture, cuisine and entertainment and will be taking place at their new home of The O2 in Greenwich, London on 10th–12th July 2015. With the return of Hyper Japan comes a … Read More


A few weeks back a curious feature popped up on the Hyper Japan website. It was a puff piece designed to draw attention to the fact that Dempagumi.inc are to perform at the summer event, which is big news considering … Read More

The Music Tradition of KOHAKU UTA GASSEN

Looking at Japan’s traditional Christmas music show While Christmas in Japan is a very different experience to those that we enjoy in the west, there’s a familiar tradition that arrives every New Year’s Eve in the shape of Kohaku Uta … Read More

ORIGA (1970-2015)

Legendary Ghost In The Shell singer passes Sad news this week with the news that ORIGA, whose distinctive vocals were such a vital part of the soundtrack to Ghost In The Shell : Stand Alone Complex, passed away last weekend. … Read More


It was always a most unlikely collaboration: in one corner, the colourful idol outfit MOMOIRO CLOVER Z and the other corner, the classic rock outfit KISS. The finished product is ‘Yume No Ukiyo Ni Saitemina’, a song that was penned … Read More

2015 Music Preview

Last year proved to be a strong year for J-Pop releases – and along with it came a continuation of the desire for some Japanese artists and record labels to expand into a global market. This interest has obviously been … Read More

Introducing SEKAI NO OWARI

The Japanese music scene will often serve up some intriguing delights that manage to capture the imagination of the public as well as enjoying a measure of success into the deal. Certainly SEKAI NO OWARI would fit that particular bill. … Read More


The UK’s largest Japanese culture event HYPER JAPAN is returning for a special Christmas Market next weekend. The event will see the usual exciting range of activities and guests covering both traditional Japanese culture as well as contemporary culture across … Read More

Sharing The World with HATSUNE MIKU

Miku’s global adventures… Our favourite Vocaloid has been continuing her global expansion plans since the release of the English build of Hatsune Miku arrived in August 2013. The long-expected English language version of Miku had been mooted for some time … Read More


Keep your diary free for September as the JAPAN MATSURI makes a return appearance to Trafalgar Square, London. The annual event features a variety of stage performances, singers, Japanese food, stalls and much more! Part of the theme for this … Read More


Yet another HYPER JAPAN is almost upon us, so let’s take some time to see what the UK’s biggest convention of J-culture has in store for attendees this year. First of all, you’ll be pleased to know that J-Pop Go … Read More


Technopop trio going strong… With the exception of those living under a rock recently, it’s clear that J-Pop superstars Perfume have been quite busy recently with song releases and tour plans. ‘Cling Cling’, which offers up Perfume’s 25th single release … Read More


Perfume go global… With the impending release of new single ‘Cling Cling’, Perfume have chosen the right moment to announce details of their new touring plans. The outfit will embark on their new global adventures following the completion of their … Read More


Japanese electronica It’s not often that a musical outfit can effortlessly straddle two different music genres, but Japanese duo SAYACONCEPT appear to have mastered that particular feat. Comprised of Mina Mermoud (vocals, sanshin, violin) and Alexandre Dai Castaing (production, percussion), … Read More

The Music of Yasuharu Takanashi

Much of the stirring music of anime series such as Naruto and Fairy Tail come courtesy of musician and composer YASUHARU TAKANASHI. Spanning a diverse number of anime titles, including Pretty Cure and Log Horizon, Takanashi has lent his particular … Read More


Beyond the 5th Dimension… The release of 5TH DIMENSION in 2013 landed MOMOIRO CLOVER Z with their first No.1 position on the Oricon charts, shifting over 235,000 copies. It’s time to catch up with what our colourful 5-piece outfit have … Read More

‘K’ and the music of angela

In the new anime series K, Yashiro Isana’s life is ordinary and uneventful. As a student at Ashinaka High School (notable for its unique location on an island), Yashiro suddenly finds his life turned upside down when he’s implicated in … Read More


We’ve been keen to keep an eye open on the rising UK performers scene here at J-Pop Go over the years. A scene that’s brought us Beckii Cruel and Scarlett Young amongst others, emerging from the rapid sink or swim … Read More


Wolf wisdom Alternative rock outfit MAN WITH A MISSION have been stealthly building up a global presence over the past few years. The outfit, formed in Shibuya in 2010, released their debut Welcome To the Newworld the same year. Their … Read More

DIE MILCH launch YouTube channel

Visual delights from the Gothic Lolita outfit J-Pop Go was struck by the talents of Die Milch, particularly on the back of debut album Metronom which boasted a collection of baroque pop tunes with a strong sense of classical influences … Read More


Rock trio return SHONEN KNIFE have a new European tour lined up this year – and a new album Overdrive to follow. The rock trio’s last outing was the 2012 release Pop Tune, on which J-Pop Go’s review stated: “Shonen … Read More


J-Pop duo reveal new tunes… J-Pop duo YANAKIKU have previewed some new songs as part of their recent live at Astro Hall, Harajuku. The pair, who made their UK debut at Hyper Japan last year, revealed the new songs at … Read More


Another year and another fine collection of tracks. As with last year’s list we’ve tried to select the best songs in a year that was flooded with top notch tunes. The list is not necessarily in order of preference but … Read More


Another year and another fine collection of tracks. As with last year’s list we’ve tried to select the best songs in a year that was flooded with top notch tunes. The list is not necessarily in order of preference but … Read More


2013 proved to be a very busy year in the world of J-Pop, particularly for the UK which saw some significant events and pointed the way forward for an intriguing future. We look at the highlights of the year, including … Read More

Yun*chi debut album

J-Pop singer reveals album info One of our favourite new J-Pop artists Yun*chi has certainly had a busy year. Following on from 2 mini-album releases and her UK performance debut at Hyper Japan in July earlier this year, Yun*chi now … Read More

DIE MILCH at Milk Tea Day

With an increasingly popular Lolita community in the UK it’s only natural that dedicated events should start to become regular features on the calendar. Milk Tea Day took place in London in December, following on from an earlier event (Austen … Read More

Into the VOID with Coppé

At the culmination of her UK tour, Legendary Godmother of Japanese Electronica, Coppé rounded things off with a special post-tour party in London. The location of choice was Rudy’s Revenge cocktail bar, a hidden gem amongst London’s nighttime venues. Guests … Read More

MOMOIRO CLOVER Z reveal new single details

Colourful idol pop outfit return Following on from the success of their recent album 5TH DIMENSION (which J-Pop Go reviewed here), the non-stop colourful 5-piece idol outfit Momoiro Clover Z have unveiled details of their 10th single release which is … Read More

BABYMETAL to release Blu-Ray/DVD Live Concert set

Metal trio to release live adventures Everyone’s favourite Pop Metal Idol outfit BABYMETAL have announced the release of a special live Blu-Ray/DVD titled ‘LIVE ~LEGEND I, D, Z APOCALYPSE~’ featuring 3 the metal trio in action. BABYMETAL came together in … Read More


Stylish musical delights from Fifi Rong… Songwriter and singer Fifi Rong has been carefully building up her own musical profile over recent years, an effort which has resulted in the captivating debut single ‘Over You’. Originating from from China, Fifi … Read More

English HATSUNE MIKU gets release date

Miku gains a new voice… The long-awaited English version of popular Vocaloid HATSUNE MIKU has finally been given a release date of 31st August 2013. The Vocaloid software is a voice synthesizer developed by Crypton Future Media that allows users … Read More

HYPER JAPAN Music Highlights

HYPER JAPAN returns once again from this Friday. Combining both traditional and modern aspects of Japanese culture, HYPER JAPAN presents a weekend of exhibits, food, music, performances, culture, games and displays celebrating the best of Japan. Here’s some of the … Read More

BiS Kaidan

Keeping themselves busy, Brand-New Idol Society have embarked on a collaboration with Japanese noise outfit Hijokaidan. Noise outfit Hijokaidan emerged at the end of the 1970s coordinated by founder-member Jojo Hiroshige. The line-up frequently changed, although the regular members included … Read More

Introducing UNA

New Asobi artist debuts… It’s a good time for J-Pop with both classic bands and artists releasing new material as well as an emerging breed of the next generation of musical talents. Once again, outlets such as ASOBISYSTEM appear to … Read More

Introducing FLAVIYAKE

Next weekend’s LAC event features a guest appearance by Electropop Princess FLAVIYAKE. As a child, the young Flaviya was convinced that she was an alien who had been sent to observe life on earth. There’s certainly an otherwordly quality in … Read More

Viewing VAMPS

For dedicated London-based VAMPS fans, last weekend brought an unexpected bonus in the shape of a live screening of their Tokyo concert at Zepp DiverCity. This particular treat was also being enjoyed at select cinemas globally, including Hong Kong, Barcelona, … Read More

Pop Info : PERFUME

Running the numbers on the Technopop Trio… PERFUME finally make their live UK debut this week allowing some lucky Londoners the chance to see this obscure Japanese acoustic folk combo in action. The Technopop Trio have come a long way … Read More

15 Facts about PERFUME

PERFUME have clocked up an impressive number of record releases and live performances since the group formed. So it’s natural that the outfit are going to accumulate all sorts of interesting stories, trivia and gossip. With PERFUME due to make … Read More


With the amazing PERFUME making their UK live debut this week, a chance to catch up on some of their finest video moments…. Chocolate Disco One Room Disco Electro World love the world Spending all my time Magic Of Love

Introducing AKI AKANE

Screaming Cinderella in action If you’re lucky enough to be attending the Japan Expo in Paris this month, you’ll also have an opportunity to meet popular illustrator and singer Aki Akane who will be both appearing and performing at the … Read More


ELECTRONIC SOUND is a new UK music magazine dedicated to the very best in electronic music. This iPad-only publication has gone from strength to strength with exclusive interviews, features and reviews – and issue 3 is now out featuring PERFUME! … Read More

The music of LAST EXILE

The 2003 anime series LAST EXILE was a breathtaking combination of stunning visuals (featuring designs by famed illustrator Range Murata) and gripping story. One of the elements of the series that made it work so well was the music that … Read More

New BiS video for MURA-MURA

It’s been a while since we caught up on our chums in Brand-New Idol Society who, in the previous episode, were losing members left, right and centre and had embarked on an ambitious recruitment drive to boost their ranks. Following … Read More


KPP by the numbers… If there’s one J-Pop artist who’s rapidly achieved success in the music industry, it’s KYARY PAMYU PAMYU. With her World Tour behind her, Kyary’s latest single release titled ‘Invader Invader’ is out today. The song features … Read More


The musical talents of Raychell… RAYCHELL’s debut album release via Avex, L>R serves up a collection of tunes that demonstrate the ability of the soulful songstress to embrace a broad variety of styles. From wistful piano-led ballads to edgy electropop … Read More

Introducing TEMPURA KIDZ

Keen-eyed viewers for some of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s performances may have spotted the fact that her backing dancers were a little on the short side. The children that made up Kyary’s crew have revealed more than a small element of … Read More

The Many Musical Hats of TOMOKO KAWASE

The release of February & Heavenly in 2012 marked the return of Tomoko Kawase’s alter egos Tommy February6 and Tommy Heavenly6. It was a reminder that Tomoko likes to keep herself busy, either in the guise of her other selves … Read More


If there’s been one story that’s set the blogosphere alight recently, it’s the drama that surrounded AKB48 member Minami Minegishi in which Minegishi was photographed spending the night at GENERATIONS’ Alan Shirahama’s home earlier this year, in breach of the … Read More

A Taste of KYARY’s New Songs

If you’re curious about what KYARY PAMYU PAMYU’s new double A-Side release Kimi ni 100%/Furisodation is all about, then these two recent TV appearances will give you an idea. Here’s Kyary performing new song ‘Furisodation’ as well as the classic … Read More

Introducing YUN*CHI

Keeping up with the sheer number of J-Pop artists emerging from Japan’s ever-busy music scene can be tough, especially with so many high profile bands and artists appearing to be hogging the limelight. It’s not surprising then that some talents … Read More

2012 – The Year In Review

The early part of 2012 saw the return of the UK’s biggest J-Culture event Hyper Japan as they moved to their new home at Earl’s Court. Once again, a fantastic line-up of events included the Sake Award Show, World Cosplay … Read More

J-Pop Go Songs Of The Year

2012’s J-Pop tunes of choice… Here’s a round-up of songs (plus videos) that caught our attention throughout 2012. In order to be fair, only one song per artist and we’ve opted for purely J-Pop tunes for this list. There were … Read More

GAMETIME – Oishii! Ichigo

Taking their lead from Japan’s diverse Idol outfits, Oishii!Ichigo are the UK’s own homegrown equivalent, albeit without the generous financial backing of record labels or marketing outfits. Instead, the Oishii! Outfit are a good example of enthusiasts pooling their resources … Read More

HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2012

Not satisfied with staging one event per year, it appears that Hyper Japan are keen to test the market for a bi-annual Japanese culture event. Judging by the crowds attending this November show that decision was largely successful. Hyper Japan … Read More

Laika the Space Dog and Akino Arai

This week in November marks a particular landmark in the history of the Russian space programme. On 3rd November 1957 the Russians sent a dog into space onboard Sputnik 2. The dog, named Laika, has since become a legendary, if … Read More

Introducing JULIE WATAI

apan has enjoyed a history of a broad range of electronic acts, from the likes of classic Technopop acts such as Yellow Magic Orchestra to the moody electronic compositions of Jesse Ruins. This eclectic range of electronic artists on the … Read More


There’s always been a small but dedicated Japanese music scene active in London and the latest outfit to emerge from that scene is a collaboration between Shin Nishimura and Dobly titled The New Markets. Hide Uno has been a regular … Read More

Introducing TOQUIWA

It seems Japan always has plenty of guitar bands on hand to suit your fancy, but lately it feels there’s been a glut of bands that are falling beneath the mark. Either poor facsimiles of Western bands and genres or … Read More

The innovation of HATSUNE MIKU

The secret life of vocaloids… It’s not often that you’re given the opportunity to attend a seminar whose topics include virtual superstar Hatsune Miku, but the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation in London were providing just that opportunity as part of their … Read More

AKB48 get Annoying

Japan’s top idol outfit AKB48 have made the video for new single ‘UZA’ available and shows the group adopting a Gothic visual look, whilst also going for a more Electropop sound. The title of the single ‘UZA’ refers to the … Read More

Happy Anniversary HATSUNE MIKU

Iconic vocaloid star celebrates her birthday Today marks the 5th anniversary of our favourite Vocaloid HATSUNE MIKU – the virtual singer has clocked up a staggering number of songs and videos and shows no sign of her popularity waning. Hatsune … Read More

Adventures at AMECON

Amecon 2012 drew to a close last Sunday evening after 3 days of entertainment, stories, events and general mayhem. The event, which is the UK’s largest anime convention, is a fan-run event which has been running since 2004 featuring cosplay … Read More

Catching up with KANON

News from the baroque pop princess… Gothic songstress KANON WAKESHIMA is certainly keeping herself occupied lately. Kanon will be taking part in the KITTYROBOT exhibition this month which is a charity event running from 12th to 19th August in Harajuku. … Read More

PERFUME get controversial

Is Perfume now too western for some tastes? The PV for Perfume’s new single release ‘Spending All My Time’ has now been released. ‘Spending All My Time’ marks Perfume’s 21st single release (following Spring Of Life which was issued back … Read More

Idols, Anime & Reality

For most anime and manga fans, the Japanese concept of an idol won’t be an unfamiliar thing. From Super Dimensional Force Macross to this year’s Symphogear, idols have been represented in anime as charismatic pop stars with the ability to … Read More

SHONEN KNIFE Discography

Let’s Knife… The sheer number of studio albums released by Shonen Knife is quite staggering. Here we present a rough discography and guide to their major releases (minus single releases, compilations and collections). Along the way we chart just how … Read More

SHONEN KNIFE – Riding On The Rocket

30 years of rock goodness It’s staggering to consider that Shonen Knife are celebrating 30 years of their particular brand of punk-pop antics. For a band whose ambitions were relatively modest, Shonen Knife have come a long way – and … Read More

The Return of AYA HIRANO

The success of popular anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya proved to be an equally enormous boost for seiyuu and musician Aya Hirano, who provided the voice for title character Haruhi. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya follows the story of … Read More

Introducing BiS

A phrase such as ‘idol group’ will conjure up particular images and ideas in your average J-Pop fan that are not going to be that dissimilar from the many acts dominating the contemporary Japanese charts. So it’s a refreshing surprise … Read More

K-ON! Fans United

Fan Pop Go! What is it about K-On! that appeals to its many fans? Lizzie Ooi went to this year’s Kitacon event to chat to the attendees about the Hokago girls to get their views on the characters and the … Read More

The Girl Power Revolution of K-ON!

It’s not just for boys! Can K-On! simply be categorised as a moe series pandering to a male audience? Or is it lending inspiration to the female audience and encouraging their own musical ambitions? Kat Kourbetti looks at the issue… … Read More

AN CAFE to play London in November

Harajuku pop outfit to hit London… Following the news of their comeback in April, Harajuku Dance Rock outfit AN CAFE have announced plans for a third world tour – including a date in London. The tour, titled NYAPPY GO AROUND … Read More

KYARY PAMYU PAMYU album tracks revealed

It’s a KPP revolution… As previously reported, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has a new album scheduled for release next month. PAMYU PAMYU REVOLUTION now has a track listing and details of the various releases. This is Kyary’s first full length album … Read More

AYUMI’s Evolution chosen for film theme

The legendary J-Pop star on film duties… Ayumi Hamasaki’s 2001 song ‘Evolution’ has been chosen as the theme song of new Japanese film Helter Skelter. The film, which is an adaptation from Kyoko Okazaki’s manga, stars Erika Sawajiri as a … Read More

Crafting K-On! : The Music Of Tom H@ck

Anime Rock The classic anime series K-On! built its reputation on its music which could have resulted in a passable if pedestrian series of insert songs. Thankfully, this task was placed in the right hands from the start courtesy of … Read More

SALIA to release debut solo album

Unicorn Table’s singer strikes out in solo outing Salia, singer of pop rock outfit Unicorn Table, is releasing her debut album TRUST IN ME this June. Salia is better known globally for classics such as the theme song for Cutie … Read More

Introducing SPHERE

Anime Spheres As a group, Sphere have established themselves as providers for theme songs to a variety of anime series. The group also features two of the cast of classic anime series K-On! In fact Sphere consists of four established … Read More

K-ON! Review

A look at the anime series phenomenon K-On! swiftly emerged as a classic anime series on its initial outing. As well as being seen to promote and encourage music, the series also managed to be great entertainment at the same … Read More

Hatsune Miku vs Tupac

The day of the virtual pop star… Audiences at the recent Coachella Festival were stunned when the long-deceased rap artist Tupac Shakur made an appearance on stage in a virtual performance. The ‘hologram’ version of Tupac was a remarkable technical … Read More

Introducing JESSE RUINS

There’s an intriguing electronic music scene in Japan at the moment which is the polar opposite of the more familiar primary colours of the contemporary J-Pop scene. Jesse Ruins is a good example of this with their moody electronic soundscapes … Read More


Dazzling death voice Dazzle Vision are a 4-piece rock outfit that originally formed back in 2003 and have been gathering a steady fanbase ever since. Consisting of vocalist Maiko, guitarist John, bassist Takuro and Haru on drums, Dazzle Vision have … Read More


One of the more interesting and intriguing acts to emerge from the Japanese electronic music scene comes courtesy of the ethereal soundscapes of Sapphire Slows. Composing tunes in her bedroom on her trusty laptop this Tokyo-based musician has also made … Read More

The return of TOMMY FEBRUARY6

February thrills In 2001, Brilliant Green singer Tomoko Kawase launched her solo career under the character of Tommy February6 – a self-manufactured alter ego whose infectious melodies, distinctive visual appearance and amazing videos made a definite impact on the J-Pop … Read More

2011 – A Year In Review

2011 was an interesting year for J-Pop here in the UK as well as Japanese Pop Culture in general. January saw L’Arc-en-Ciel celebrating their 20th Anniversary with a New Year’s performance followed by the release of the compilation album Twenity. … Read More

kanon x kanon

Kanon Wakeshima wowed audiences at her debut UK gig earlier this year at Hyper Japan and this Friday she returns as the kanon x kanon tour reaches its climax. The tour, which sees Kanon collaborating with An Cafe’s bassist Kanon, … Read More


‘PonPonPon’ marks the debut single from blogger-turned-singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and is a slice of infectious pop that’s just as beguiling as the bonkers video that accompanies it. Kyary’s singing career comes on the back of her alternative life as … Read More