HYPER JAPAN Music Highlights

HYPER JAPAN returns once again from this Friday.

Combining both traditional and modern aspects of Japanese culture, HYPER JAPAN presents a weekend of exhibits, food, music, performances, culture, games and displays celebrating the best of Japan.

Here’s some of the music highlights for the event.

J-Pop Go originally wrote about the talented J-Pop star Yun*chi back in January. Yun*chi brings a stylish take on J-Pop that’s guaranteed to win over lots of new fans when she makes her UK debut this weekend. Yun*chi will also be giving a debut performance of the song ‘Waon’ with Irokokoro Project.
Yun*chi Timetable
Saturday 27th July: HYPER JAPAN Main Stage 11:30
Sunday 28th July: HYPER JAPAN Main Stage 11:00

Meet and Greet Session: Meet Yun*chi at the Harajuku Kawaii Official Shop, and take home a signed copy of her CD!
Saturday 27th July, 17.30- 18.00
Sunday 28th July, 14.00-14.30


Dynamic J-Pop duo Yanakiku blend together both classic and modern Japanese cultural influences to bring their own brand of music and dance routines. The pair also sport their unique ‘Kimicocos’ – a modern adaptation of the kimono.
Yanakiku Timetable
Friday 26th July 14.15-14.35
Saturday 27th July 15.10-15.40
Sunday 28th July 17.00-17.30


Fresh from her appearance at LAC, we wrote about the Japanese-influenced electropop princess Flaviyake who will be entertaining the Hyper Japan crowds on Friday. Flaviyake will also be joined on stage by Yuma Imaoka (QWERTY).
Flaviyake Timetable
Friday 26th July 18:05


Japanese performance group SIRO-A will also be performing at HYPER JAPAN 2013.
SIRO-A present a dazzling blend of music, lazers and carefully choreographed routines which delighted audiences at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival (where they won the Spirit of Fringe Award). SIRO-A also staged critically-acclaimed performances in London earlier this year.

SIRO-A Timetable
Friday 26th July: 15:30
Saturday 27th July: 17:30
Sunday 28th July: 10:00


Rock outfit VANIRU is comprised of vocalist LEONEIL and Guitarist YUTO who blend together electronica and dark melancholic gothic rock.
VANIRU Timetable
Friday 26th July: HYPER JAPAN Main Stage 15:30


Other music highlights to watch out for include the return of Enka & Pop singer Akari Mochizuki, professional Shamisen player Hibiki Ichikawa and Koji Kishida, professional Shinobue and Nohkan player. This will form part of an authentic performance of Japanese Minyo music on the Main Stage. Minyo means folk song, and for many people in Japan, tunes from this genre conjure up nostalgia for one’s hometown and family.

HYPER JAPAN takes place on 26th-28th July 2013 at Earls Court London.