Wacky fun ahoy…

After two previous successful events, Wack In The UK returns to Camden Underworld this August with three more underground acts to satisfy UK idol fans.

Japan’s WACK agency rose to notoriety with Brand-New Idol Society. Since then, WACK continues to produce nonconventional stars who dominate pop and rock spaces, including BiSH (Brand-new idol SHIT) who called themselves in an interview with Billboard a “punk band with no instruments” and who have a song written by Taka (ONE OK ROCK), MEG (MEGMETAL) and KENTA (WANIMA), their first to be produced by third parties. WACK also manage idol outfits such as Gang Parade, ExWhyz and Kiss Kiss.

WACK are now staging a UK event this August at Camden Underworld with a variety of acts.

BiS, also known as Brand-new idol Society, is a Japanese idol group originally founded in 2010 by Pour Lui and Watanabe Junnosuke. They were once dubbed “the most hated girl group in Japan” by VICE, before the idol unit disbanded in 2014, not before causing all kinds of havoc in the media with extreme music videos (particularly ‘My Ixxx’, ‘PPCC’ and ‘BiSimulation’) and outrageous magazine photoshoots.

They are considered the flagship group of WACK, and have gone through a variety of line-up changes since their formation (including a collaboration with Japanese noise outfit Hijokaidan).

MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN, Japan’s quirky idol sensation, brings infectious energy and unique charm to the stage. Blending catchy pop tunes with eccentric performances, this dynamic group captivates with their playful spirit and irresistible hooks. Get ready for a fun-filled, unforgettable show that will leave you smiling and dancing!

This seven-strong group of troublemakers exploded on the Tokyo scene with their debut album ANAL SEX PENiS in 2021. At first the members refused to show their faces and hid behind masks until each one passed 20,000 followers on Twitter. Since then their videos have received over three million views on YouTube, including tracks such as ‘BOLLOCKS’, ‘A Song of Punk’ and latest single ‘I HATE U’. The group’s initials officially stand for “ANTi SOCiETY PUNKS” but many fans believe the group is really named after the title of their first album.

WACK in the UK Vol.3 will take place at The Underworld in London on Wednesday 28th August 2024.

Ticket details: https://www.theunderworldcamden.co.uk/event/wack-in-the-uk-vol-3-28th-aug-the-underworld-london-tickets/

Tickets go on sale from noon on Friday 5 July 2024

J-Pop Go Calendar: https://www.jpopgo.co.uk/events/wack-in-the-uk-vol-3-bis-asp-mameshiba-no-taigun-tonaibousjo-aka-monster-idol/