SALIA to release debut solo album

Unicorn Table’s singer strikes out in solo outing

Salia, singer of pop rock outfit Unicorn Table, is releasing her debut album TRUST IN ME this June.

Salia is better known globally for classics such as the theme song for Cutie Honey Flash, ‘Trust’ from anime Vandread, and ‘Healing You’ from the Japanese series Gao Ranger. Alongside producer and guitarist shin-go, the pair formed Unicorn Table who penned theme song ‘Fly Away’ from Jinki:Extend and ‘Amai Yume’ from School Rumble.

Unicorn Table’s last album Into The Future was released in 2010 and J-Pop Go interviewed Unicorn Table at last year’s AyaCon event.

The album, which is being released at the forthcoming Anime Mid-Atlantic event on the weekend of 15th-17th June 15-17 2012, will feature a variety of songs penned by Salia herself including the title single ‘Trust In Me’ which is described as a “funky, symphonic rock” number.

Salia is working with music director and executive producer DJ Asu Rock on the album which is also being produced by urban, pop and electronica producer Anom the Phenom with additional tracks provided by Agent9 of Agent9 Productions, and TrakFormer, from the US- based Electro-progressive hip hop group RapQuest.

Both the album and the single will be available worldwide via iTunes and Amazon and there will also be limited CD releases.

Salia will also be embarking on a US and international promotional tour in conjunction with the release of the album.