Stylish musical delights from Fifi Rong…

Songwriter and singer Fifi Rong has been carefully building up her own musical profile over recent years, an effort which has resulted in the captivating debut single ‘Over You’.

Originating from from China, Fifi has weaved in Chinese Folk elements into her sound. There’s a delicate dream-like vibe to her work which also encompasses a broad range of genres including Jazz, Soul, Dubstep and Trip Hop. Fifi also lists the likes of Cocteau Twins and Mazzy Star as influences. Her vocals have a hypnotic quality to them that draws the listener in. Or as her bio describes it: “Her lyrics boldly expose the shadows and ghosts that we all feel around us, but ignore or fail to understand. It is strangely primal and intrinsic music that leads to introspection and self-discovery by way of the heart, an intense yet calm analysis of deep feelings and emotions”.

Songs such as the evocative ‘56 Weeks’ paint a deep sensuous world which is further echoed on ‘I Need The World To End’ with its airy vocals and warm rhythms. Meanwhile ‘Over You’ is a smooth, soulful tune that oozes style and sophistication. As a debut single it’s also a perfect showcase for FiFi’s sultry vocals.


Regular J-Pop Go visitors will of course remember Fifi from her live performance at one of the 2009 J-Pop Go live events. At that time, Fifi was showing her skills in the use of the Tenorion electronic musical instrument.

Outside of her solo work, Fifi has also found time for production work and collaborative efforts, including working alongside noted Trip Hop artist Tricky, contributing to his 2013 album release False Idols with the tracks ‘If Only I Knew’ and ‘Chinese Interlude’ (a further collaboration titled ‘Forget’ is available on Fifi’s Soundcloud page).

‘Over You’ is out now and available to download via iTunes: Over You – Fifi Rong

Tricky’s album False Idols is available on CD via Amazon.