Introducing TEMPURA KIDZ

Keen-eyed viewers for some of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s performances may have spotted the fact that her backing dancers were a little on the short side. The children that made up Kyary’s crew have revealed more than a small element of talent in their abilities.

The 5-piece outfit have since emerged from under Kyary’s shadow to embark on their own musical career under the guise of Tempura Kidz, notably for the captivating tune and video for ‘Cider Cider’.

Prior to this, the fledgling group had appeared as a foursome in a video titled Vegirhythm, whose concept appeared to be an effort to encourage people to eat more vegetables (best of luck trying to promote broccoli then).

Since then, the group have gained a member to become Tempura Kidz. The line-up features P → ★ (pronounced ‘P-chan’), KARIN, NaNaHo, YU-KA and AO – and the surprise of the group is P → ★, who is actually a boy (although you’d have to look quite closely at performances to notice).

With the Kyary connection, it’s probably no surprise to learn that Tempura Kidz is yet another Asobi System project (we also discussed Yun*Chi previously) and the first real example of what they can do was revealed in the video to ‘Cider Cider’ (whose success was reflected in the sales of White Lightning to primary school kids*). This track, which was written by fellow Asobi System stablemate Ram Rider, manages to create a stunning combo of J-Pop and dance. As tunes go, ‘Cider Cider’ is a fresh and engaging slice of J-Pop and the video boasts some incredible choreography that puts many current idol outfits to shame (that’ll be you then, Morning Musume – you better get your act together or it’s off to HKT48 for the lot of you…).

After making an impression with ‘Cider Cider’, Tempura Kidz have returned in 2013 with a brand new song titled ‘One Step’, which also marks their debut single release. As with Cider Cider, One Step is a brash immediate tune weaved together with an engaging video. It’s leaning more towards trad J-Pop trappings than its predecessor in its arrangement and production, but has enough dance elements to keep it interesting.

Tempura Kidz – One Step by f1767451459

The single ‘One Step’ is out now.

• This is an example of a technical writing concept known as a ‘joke’. Please don’t write in expressing concern that primary school kids are getting drunk on cheap cider (which they couldn’t afford after blowing their pocket money on heroin anyway).