J-Pop duo reveal new tunes…

J-Pop duo YANAKIKU have previewed some new songs as part of their recent live at Astro Hall, Harajuku.

The pair, who made their UK debut at Hyper Japan last year, revealed the new songs at the performance in December. The new songs include ‘Ninja Iroha’, ‘Game Controller’ as well as an English version of ‘Fuijyama Disco’ (one of the stand-out tracks from their Hyper Japan shows).

Yana and Kiku were originally part of 4-piece outfit Missing Link before forming Yanakiku. They adopted the colourful ‘Kimoco’ outfits which pursued a visual style that embraced both contemporary and traditional Japanese culture.

The duo released their debut single ‘Miwaku No Lady’ in 2012. A second single, the breezy ‘UP↑SIDE↓DOWN’ followed last year.

The pair won over a lot of new fans at Hyper Japan due to their engaging personalities and enthusiasm. Their eye-catching costumes and choreography made for a memorable performance, as they commented during J-Pop Go’s interview with the duo at the event: “We really want to go for originality in what we do”.

Yanakiku have built up what appears to be a strong fanbase on the back of both their Hyper Japan performance as well as an appearance at TIFFCOM 2013 in Japan. The duo also recently performed at Tokyo Dome’s Furusato Matsuri and are taking part today in an event in Korea titled ‘New Year Event with Japanese Artists 2014’.