Yun*chi Album Update

J-Pop songstress unveils debut details

After a period of anticipation throughout 2013, YUN*CHI has released details and sleeve art of her forthcoming debut album Asterix*.

Amongst the tracks included on the album are ‘Reverb*’, the song that brought Yun*chi to the attention of the J-Pop world, as well as her follow-up releases ‘Shake you*’, ‘Your song*’ (end theme to the anime LOG HORIZON) and ‘waon*’, the latter being her collaboration with UK idol outfit IroKokoro Project.

The album also includes Yun*chi’s latest song ‘Perfect days*’ which was composed as a tune for a recent CM.


Yun*chi’s bright, melodic take on J-Pop struck a chord with us here at J-Pop Go and we’re keen to see how the “sparkling voice” sounds across the range of an album.

The full tracklisting for Asterix* is as follows:

01. Reverb*
02. Perfect days*
03. Shake you*
04. Fantasize*
05. Waon*
06. Vivace*
07. dual*
08. Muffler*
09. Realizer*
10. Believe*
11. Love you*
12. Your song*

Asterix* is due for release on 5th February 2014 (pre-order via YesAsia: Asterix*)

J-Pop Go also interviewed Yun*chi when she made her UK debut at Hyper Japan last year: Yun*chi Interview