More details have emerged about former Brand-New Idol Society member YUFU TERASHIMA‘s forthcoming single release, which now has the title ‘Youflight’.

‘Youflight’ was penned by Yumemi Nemu (DEMPAGUMI INC) and composed by rionos (also working with former AKB48 star Erena Ono).

Yuffy has also obligingly set up a Soundcloud page which features the title song as well as bonus track ‘Zen Zen’.

The bright and airy ‘Youflight’ has an understated charm to it that’s a world apart from Yuffy’s BiS days. But it’s ‘Zen Zen’ that stands out as a track which has more of a pop sensibility to it, augmented with some fine electropop tweaks. The new songs show that Terashima has a more than capable voice and that she’s adaptable to a variety of styles.

The single will be issued in 3 different flavours: Limited Edition, Visual Edition and Regular Edition. The Limited Edition will come with a booklet and the Visual Edition will feature a DVD.

‘Youflight’ is released on 26th February.

Yufu Terashima official blog : http://ameblo.jp/panda0708/

Yufu Terashima Soundcloud :https://soundcloud.com/yufu-terashima