Introducing AKI AKANE

Screaming Cinderella in action

If you’re lucky enough to be attending the Japan Expo in Paris this month, you’ll also have an opportunity to meet popular illustrator and singer Aki Akane who will be both appearing and performing at the event.

Aki’s talents were developed through popular Japanese video site Nico Nico Douga where she weaved together her love for music and illustration. Aki draws her own video clips to better convey on her emotions adding that she “sings with her drawings, and draws what she sings”. Aki’s art style makes great use of vivid colours and confident inking, producing striking illustrations in the process.

Aki made her debut on Nico Nico in 2008 with a video of herself singing supercell’s ‘Koi wa sensou’. She rapidly built up a popular fanbase keen to hear more of the ‘Screaming Cinderella’ and her distinctive vocal approach, particularly on covers such as Hatsune Miku’s ‘Rolling Girl’ – which also utilises Aki’s hand-drawn illustrations for the video.

©COCHITORA,Inc Illustration by AKIAKANE
Clocking up a regular 1 million views plus for every video, Aki has continued to go from strength to strength. Signing to the Toy’s Factory label, Aki released the rock-fuelled ‘antinotice’ in 2010 and has continued alternating between music and illustration ever since. Much of her musical work is also mixed by Kusaka Kiyoshi, known for his work with artists such as RADWIMPS and 9mm Parabellum bullet.

Aki has also produced a special art book titled ‘RGB’ showcasing her work. Expo Attendees will be able to snap up copies (subject to stock availability), while everyone else can pre-order the book via:

Aki will be on the Aoji BE42 stand at the Japan Expo which will also involve the live creation of a digitial illustration taking place across 3 days. The final artwork will also be available in a limited numbered edition. Visitors who would like to meet Aki at the event will be pleased to know that she’ll also be doing an autograph session on the Aoji stand and in the Japan Expo signings room on Sunday 7th July from 13:30pm to 14:00pm.

The Japan Expo is the largest convention on Japanese popular culture in Europe. The event will also feature appearances by °C-ute, May’n, Urbangarde and Japan Expo runs from 4th to 7th July.