HATSUNE MIKU announcement due?

miku_japanexpoThe forthcoming Japan Expo event in Paris already has a packed schedule of guests and musical treats. Included in the events taking place are two Hatsune Miku-themed talks by Crypton Media CEO Hiroyuki Itoh. The first of these talks, which takes place this Saturday, will be titled ‘From Software to Cultural Phenomenon’ in which Itoh-san will talk about the birth of Hatsune Miku and how Vocaloid software has been gradually evolving over the recent years into a symbol of today’s internet generation and culture. However, the listing for the event also states “There will also be a special announcement at the end”.

J-Pop Go interviewed Hiroyuki Itoh last year on the topic of Hatsune Miku and in particular the development of an English build of the Hatsune Miku version of the Vocaloid software. His comments then were that the software was “Still under development”. While there’s no information on precisely what this “special announcement” will be, with the English version of Hatsune Miku being one of the hot topics of the Vocaloid community, it suggests that Crypton Media may be ready to announce a release date.