DIE MILCH launch YouTube channel

Visual delights from the Gothic Lolita outfit

J-Pop Go was struck by the talents of Die Milch, particularly on the back of debut album Metronom which boasted a collection of baroque pop tunes with a strong sense of classical influences and contemporary musical touches. Now a new YouTube channel will be bringing more baroque treats to your PC.

Their UK performance at Milk Tea Day in London, December 2013 was a highlight in last year’s live calendar. The event was a day of Lolita-themed stalls and activities which culminated in a Die Milch concert performance the same evening.

The live show was also filmed and now that footage is being issued via Die Milch’s official YouTube channel. Every Saturday Die Milch will release a new video from the Milk Tea Day live and their first choice of video is the performance of ‘fear’. Originally featured on the single release of ‘MaMa’, ‘fear’ was performed at Milk Tea Day as part of the encore and displays violinst Yui’s talents on the strings.

The filming and editing by Briarley Van Zyl and Nadina Osmani shows off a superb performance by Die Milch so stay tuned every week for a new video.

Metronom is available in the UK via http://teatimetreasures.co.uk