Wolf wisdom

Alternative rock outfit MAN WITH A MISSION have been stealthily building up a global presence over the past few years.

The outfit, formed in Shibuya in 2010, released their debut Welcome To the Newworld the same year. Their rock-fuelled tunes have since made them one of the more popular Japanese rock bands of recent times.

MAN WITH A MISSION are perhaps notable for their distinctive visual image of wolf heads. You can’t argue that it’s not an arresting promotional tool (although it has to be tough wearing them for the duration of live shows). As a band, they offer up their own blend of energetic rock via songs such as the boisterous ‘Emotions’ and the animated guitar-driven ‘FLY AGAIN’.

The band have since marked up 340,000 Twitter followers and the video for ‘Emotions’ has been viewed over 5 million times. In 2013 they signed up with US label Epic Records.

Their most recent album, Tales Of Purefly , was released in March this year and reached No. 3 in the Oricon charts. Along the way they’ve recorded songs used for the anime series Log Horizon and PlayStation game Lost Planet.

Meanwhile, the outfit have also entered into a collaboration with Sony for the band’s recent Tokyo live, which was shot using a combination of 75 of Sony’s Music Video Recorders – an attractive bit of kit that boasts HD visuals and built in wi-fi capability. The free live event was designed to promote Tales Of Purefly and took place in Shibuya on 12th March.

Following on from their signing to the Epic label, a stateside album is scheduled for release later this year.!/mwamjapan