MOMOIRO CLOVER Z theme new Sailor Moon series

Idol group get magical…

A glimpse of MOMOIRO CLOVER Z’s contributions to the new Sailor Moon anime series has been unveiled via a new trailer.

‘Moon Pride’ will be the opening theme for the new series, which goes by the title of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal. Back in 2012, when Sailor Moon celebrated its 20th Anniversary, the first announcement for the new series – and the collaboration with Momoiro Clover Z – was floated at a press conference. Since then, the series has been beset by delays, until March this year when the official website revealed the series new title.

Sailor Moon is regarded as one of the most definitive magical girl anime and manga titles. It’s also one of the earliest titles to gain a significant fanbase in the west. The plot revolves around school girl Usagi Tsukino whose life changes when she’s given the power to transform into the character of Sailor Moon.

At the Paris Japan Expo in 2012, Momoiro Clover Z announced that they would be providing the theme music for the new series. In fact, Momoclo are providing both the opening theme ‘Moon Pride’ and also the ending theme ‘Moon Rainbow’. In a shrewd move, the colourful outfit have also collaborated with musician and composor Revo on the new theme. Revo is best known for his work with Linked Horizon who provided the theme songs for the hugely popular anime series Attack On Titan.

Noted composer Yasuharu Takanashi (Pretty Cure, Fairy Tail, Naruto) will be responsible for scoring the music for the series itself.

Kotono Mitsuishi reprises her role as Sailor Moon from the previous series. Meanwhile a new cast were chosen for the remaining team. Sailor Mercury will be voiced by Hisako Kanemoto, Sailor Mars is voiced by Rina Sato, Sailor Jupiter by Ami Koshimizu and Sailor Venus by Shizuka Ito. The series will premiere on 5th July, streamed by Niconico, and will run for 26 episodes.