Catching up with KANON

News from the baroque pop princess…

Gothic songstress KANON WAKESHIMA is certainly keeping herself occupied lately.

Kanon will be taking part in the KITTYROBOT exhibition this month which is a charity event running from 12th to 19th August in Harajuku. Meanwhile, Kanon’s song features as the theme song for PSP game Fate/EXTRA ccc (due for release next February).

Kanon also recently featured in a video with singer Amano Tsuki ahead of the release of Amano’s new album Sora no Ki which was released in July. The video features Kanon performing on cello.

But Kanon (who we interviewed last year) has also found time to contribute to new anime series To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness alongside musical artist Ray (who previously sang the opening theme for Waiting in the Summer). Kanon, of course, is no stranger to anime themes as ‘Still Doll’ featured as the ending theme for Vampire Knight. Kanon and Ray will be performing both the opening and ending themes for To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness.

The anime is a continuation of a series adapted from the manga To Love-Ru, the plot of which revolves around the antics of Rito Yuki, a high school student who inadvertently gets mixed up with alien girl Lala – and romantic hijinks ensue. The series is being produced by Xebec and features character designs by Yuichi Ouka. The series is due to air in Japan in October.