An interview with KANON WAKESHIMA

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Kanon Wakeshima and her Pop Baroque style has gained a large fan following in her home country of Japan, but she has also become increasingly popular in the West too.

She has been playing the cello since she was three and began writing and performing her own music in high school. Signing to the DefStar label, Kanon also began working with Malice Mizer musician and producer Mana. Kanon’s debut single Still Doll was released in 2008 (and was also the ending theme for the anime version of Vampire Knight). Her first album, Shinshoku Dolce was released in 2009. She has also formed a new group called KanonxKanon with An Cafe bassist Kanon.

July 2011’s Hyper Japan event saw Kanon Wakeshima’s debut UK performance and J-Pop Go were very privileged to have the opportunity for a brief interview. More Inside  »