KERA Compilation album – with KANON WAKESHIMA and STEREOPONY

Famed Japanese fashion magazine KERA is planning to celebrate its 13th Anniversary with the release of a special compilation album next month featuring the likes of Kanon Wakeshima , Scandal, Stereopony and more.

The album, titled KERA Songs 13th Anniversary Collection, celebrates the long-running magazine’s dedication to Japanese street fashion (particularly Gothic Lolita) as well as its work with artists from the Japanese music scene.

Other bands contributing to the album include Kalafina, Nana Kitade, SuG, High And Mighty Colour, Seishun Jump, Shoko Nakagawa and PIKO. As a bonus, An Café’s Kanon will be collaborating on a special song for the album.

Both Stereopony and Kanon Wakeshima will also be performing at Sakura-Con in Seattle this month. All-girl rock outfit Stereopony’s performance at Sakura-Con is part of their first US tour and they’ve recently set up a new Twitter account to support the tour.

KERA Songs 13th Anniversary Collection is released on April 25th.
Stereopony Twitter: @STEREOPONY_US