KYARY PAMYU PAMYU schedules May invasion

kyary_invaderThere’s just no stopping KYARY PAMYU PAMYU who, having only released her last single in March, already has another single scheduled for release in May.

Invader Invader will be the follow-up to Ninjari Ban Ban when it’s released on 15th May and is also being used as part of the ‘Fashionable Invader’ campaign by the Japanese GU clothing outfit. In fact a cm was shot recently in LA as part of the campaign. Kyary herself will be flying to LA for a live show on 12th April.

Once again, Yasutaka Nakata is in charge of writing duties for the single which will also featured 2 additional tracks: Point Of View (which is being used for a news programme by Fuji Television) and an extended version of previous single Fashion Monster.