AKB48’s Minami Minegishi talks about the head shaving incident

Several months after the drama that surrounded AKB48 member Minami Minegishi (in which Minegishi was photographed spending the night at GENERATIONS’ Alan Shirahama’s home in breach of the strict no-dating rules of AKB48), Minami appears on the cover of woman’s magazine Fujin Koron and chats about the incident that caused so much debate.

Minami had made a tearful appearance on a video with her head shaved following the story. Asked about the motivation behind this act, Minami commented: “It was not because I was mentally out of control, but it was a result of thinking what I should do to convey my feeling of apology. And I thought I wanted to convey it in a visible form, then, what went through my mind was “Shaving my head””.

Minami also emphasized that her agency wasn’t responsible in forcing an apology: “Since this is what I decided to do myself, I have no regrets on this.”

The incident sparked a lot of discussion and debate in the blogosphere which we covered in our previous Idol Wars article (someone even took us to task for using the term “blogosphere”…).

But perhaps the motivation and the passion involved in the original story is best summed up by Minami herself: “There’re countless people who are trying to make a living in Showbiz. But only handful will be recognized by many people. The reason why I could become one of those handful is because I’m a part of AKB48. The reason why I can join variety kinds of work is also because I’m here in AKB48.”

Via http://www.akb48wrapup.com