2017 – The Year In Review

2017 has been a particularly busy year in the world of J-Pop. It’s seen the return of old favourites as well as the emergence of new talent. Meanwhile, the UK has hosted some amazing events along with some great acts … Read More


A few weeks back a curious feature popped up on the Hyper Japan website. It was a puff piece designed to draw attention to the fact that Dempagumi.inc are to perform at the summer event, which is big news considering … Read More

The Music Tradition of KOHAKU UTA GASSEN

Looking at Japan’s traditional Christmas music show While Christmas in Japan is a very different experience to those that we enjoy in the west, there’s a familiar tradition that arrives every New Year’s Eve in the shape of Kohaku Uta … Read More

AKB48 feature in today’s Metro

AKB48 are the focus of an article in today’s Metro newspaper. The recent stabbing incident at an AKB48 handshake event appears to have brought the idol group back under the scrutiny of the Western press. J-Pop Go’s Paul Browne was … Read More

AKB48 members attacked at handshake meet

The AKB48 world was rocked by an incident earlier today in which 2 members of the outfit were reported to have been assaulted. During a handshake event held today at the Iwate Industry Culture & Convention Center in Takizawa City, … Read More

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