J-Pop Go in Japan Update Weekly

Japan Update Weekly is a free newspaper distributed amongst Japanese-themed restaurants, shops and outlets in the UK. This week’s issue has its focus on J-Pop Go courtesy of an interview with Paul Browne. The interview covers the initial inspirations behind … Read More

AKB48 feature in today’s Metro

AKB48 are the focus of an article in today’s Metro newspaper. The recent stabbing incident at an AKB48 handshake event appears to have brought the idol group back under the scrutiny of the Western press. J-Pop Go’s Paul Browne was … Read More

The Music of Yasuharu Takanashi

Much of the stirring music of anime series such as Naruto and Fairy Tail come courtesy of musician and composer YASUHARU TAKANASHI. Spanning a diverse number of anime titles, including Pretty Cure and Log Horizon, Takanashi has lent his particular … Read More

J-Pop Go Shop Updates

Back in 2005 J-Pop Go trialed its own dedicated J-Pop magazine. Each issue was a glossy print publication with a variety of articles and features. Now we’re making available some of the back issues here via the J-Pop Go Shop. … Read More

J-Pop Go Merchandise

One of our many top secret projects for 2013 was the addition of a dedicated merchandise section to the J-Pop Go website. As a result, we created a new venture (which was labeled ‘Project Green’) to look into a few … Read More


If you’re in Gateshead today (Friday) then you might want to come down to Gateshead Central Library, NE8 4LN for an evening of J-Pop Goodness. J-Pop Go is coordinating the music events for the club night segment of Anime Attacks … Read More

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