J-Pop Go in Japan Update Weekly

IMG_5550Japan Update Weekly is a free newspaper distributed amongst Japanese-themed restaurants, shops and outlets in the UK. This week’s issue has its focus on J-Pop Go courtesy of an interview with Paul Browne.

The interview covers the initial inspirations behind J-Pop Go, the increasing popularity of J-Pop in the UK (particularly the continuing success of artists such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Perfume) and also touches on J-Pop Go’s involvement with the rising stars of the UK performance scene, including Beckii Cruel, Kelsey Ellison and Himezawa (all of whom will be performing at the forthcoming Anime Attacks later this month).

The newspaper is still available from various outlets, including London’s Japan Centre. Alternatively, an online version is available on the Japan update Weekly website: http://www.japanupdate.co.uk