Dazzling death voice

Dazzle Vision are a 4-piece rock outfit that originally formed back in 2003 and have been gathering a steady fanbase ever since. Consisting of vocalist Maiko, guitarist John, bassist Takuro and Haru on drums, Dazzle Vision have a brand new album titled Shocking Loud Voice due for release in May.

The band are notable for Maiko’s particular delivery of vocals which alternates between soaring pop delivery and what’s become known as her ‘Death Voice’ (particularly evident on songs such as ‘Reason’ and ‘Like I’m Not Real’) which is guaranteed to wake up even the most comatose audience!

Despite forming in 2003, it wasn’t until 2006 that Dazzle Vision released their first album Origin of Dazzle with the follow-up Camellia Japonica arriving the year after. Their third release Crystal Children landed the No.1 spot on HMV’s pre-sale chart and No. 2 on Tower Records pre-sale chart prior to the albums release in November 2008.

Dazzle Vision also made their presence known in America when they performed as part of SakuraCon in 2010.

There’s a very fast-paced and tight arrangement to Dazzle Vision’s material that sets them apart from the seemingly endless sea of guitar bands emerging from the contemporary J-Rock scene. That said, they’re not afraid to stray into the world of pop at times with more restrained numbers, such as ‘Camellia’ or ‘Chirality’.

More recently Maiko has revealed her new alter-ego (via fan magazine Gekkayo) – a downloadable voice-synthesised version of Maiko compatabile with UTAU software (similar to the ever popular Vocaloid software).

Dazzle Vision’s new album Shocking Loud Voice is released May 4th in Japan.

Dazzle Vision official website :

Gekkayo Online (includes link to download)

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Photo by Human Noise