SHONEN KNIFE – Pop Tune out today!

Iconic rock outfit go Pop

POP TUNE – The new album from pop-punk trio Shonen Knife is released in the UK today!

The UK version of the album, which is released via Damnably, also features a different variation of the sleeve art from the American and Japanese releases. Amongst the tracks scheduled for the album are ‘Osaka Rock City’ which is the theme song for the film Soul Flower Train due for release later this year.

The verdict appears to be very positive, particularly for the title track, judging by comments and reviews online:

“When Shonen Knife drops a new album, you know a party is bound to happen in your stereo. Pop Tune is no exception, and by the time the percussion-friendly “Move On” plays its last note you might find yourself pushing the repeat button to start the shindig all over again.”
Boston Bastard Brigade

“Japanese alt-pop-punk group Shonen Knife’s been around approximately forever–well, 30 years, which is another way of saying “since the ’80s”. Their music’s somehow still as exuberant as ever, and this is no exception, a raucous pop track about how awesome it feels to listen to raucous pop tracks. It’s also got a key change, and those can feel awesome too.”

Pop Tune is power pop about the power of pop, the music stripped bare in service of the message but loud and energising enough for it to be believable. Shonen Knife, it says, are powered up by playing and by hearing music, happier and (their actual word) bigger. There they are, ten foot tall heroes on stage, and what do they want to do with this superpower? Just to share it with their audience in the hope that you too can have a good time, since, you know, you’re already here and all, and the happiness of the reaction will bring them even more” joy.
The Singles Jukebox

Shonen Knife will begin album release shows from the end of June until the beginning of July in Japan. They will also be touring North America in the end of July through August.

Pop Tune is available from Amazon and also via iTunes.