Metal mayhem returns… With the release of yet another new tune in the form of ‘PA PA YA!!’, it seems appropriate to check in on what’s happening with everyone’s favourite metal maids Babymetal. With a Glastonbury appearance booked in – … Read More

RIE FU – Places

Between lost and found… Rie fu grew up influenced by a love of iconic artists such as Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush and Karen Carpenter. That singer/songwriter aesthetic has certainly found roots in Rie’s approach to composing her own … Read More

PSYDOLL – Machine Kingdom

Cyber Pop Go Music seems to love a neat, orderly system of genres for artists and bands to be filed in. Occasionally, however, some bands turn up that prove difficult to nail down to any one niche. Tokyo’s Psydoll are … Read More

J-Pop Go Review Of 2018

The year in J-pop… 2018 saw some turbulent events in the world of Japanese music, including some line-up changes and one significant retirement. But among the stories were some good record releases – and more than a few newer acts … Read More

The occult world of NECRONOMIDOL

Voyaging across the black seas of infinity… One of the groups that seem to have made a strong impression in recent years is occult outfit Necronomidol. Originally founded by Ricky Wilson, an ex-pat American musician who had spent time dabbling … Read More

TENTENKO – Tentenko

Pink pop perfection Synthpop artist Tentenko has been busy in her own particular technicolor world of music for a number of years, a journey which has resulted in this new eponymous album venture which showcases a variety of pop flavours. … Read More

BRATS – Brats

Rock trio deliver heavy-duty tunes… Japan’s continuing interest in guitar bands has seen a curious renaissance in recent times, particularly from female-fronted rock acts. From the garage punk aesthetic of Mutant Monster through to the Heavy Metal leanings of BAND-MAID, … Read More

DIE MILCH – Sinfonia

Gothic Pop perfection Die Milch’s 2013 debut Metronom demonstrated a confident hand at combining classical influences with more contemporary pop elements. There was a dynamic quality to compositions such as ‘Rosaria’ that managed to deliver effective melodies that stuck in … Read More

BRATS – Doudatte yokatta

Heavy duty rock from BRATS With the release today of their first full-length album, rock outfit BRATS Have unveiled a new video for ‘Doudatte yokatta’. The album comes along at a point where the rock trio have been keeping a … Read More

BABYMETAL – Distortion

Dark Side Delights… Since their formation back in 2010, the metal maids of BABYMETAL have gone on to achieve a startling level of popularity. The trio of Su-Metal, Moametal and Yuimetal are one of the few outfits to achieve significant … Read More


The sultry charms of Fifi Rong awaken once again… Having surprised listeners with the dynamic electropop of ‘The Same Road’ in 2017 (see our sister site The Electricity Club’s review), Fifi Rong launches her latest EP Awake with a strong … Read More

BRATS – Kimarigoto

BRATS rock back into action… Rock outfit BRATS have released the video for new song ‘Kimarigoto’ proving the rock trio still have the chops to deliver a powerful tune. The track is a new studio recording of a live song … Read More

2017 – Songs Of The Year

2017 has been a mixed combo of winners in many genres, including some classic artists. Here’s the songs that J-Pop Go think stood out this year – along with the personal lists from the J-Pop Go contributors… Perfume – TOKYO … Read More

HIMEZAWA – Spades & Stars

Shooting for the stars… With her debut album Spades & Stars just released, Himezawa has had an opportunity to reflect on her fortunes since relocating to Japan several years back. The German-born musician, model, author and performer had started her … Read More

PERFUME – If You Wanna

The tunesome threesome return with an electropop moment… Following on from the release of Perfume’s 5th studio album COSMIC EXPLORER in 2016, the technopop trio have kept themselves busy with touring, the release of the documentary WE ARE PERFUME and … Read More


The former LADYBABY duo prove that they’re an outfit that can’t be licked… The initial success of LADYBABY was something of a surprise to all parties concerned. ‘Nippon Manju’, the song that propelled the 3-piece idol outfit to global attention, … Read More

BRATS Ainikoiyo/Nounai Shoukyo Game

BRATS return with new CD release… Rei Kuromiya lives an interesting life, dividing her time between idol outfit The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY – as well as the rock outfit BRATS which she shares with sister Aya Kuromiya. Now … Read More


KPP scrambles up some serviceable J-Pop… The whole ‘Wacky Japan’ trope has become a bit tiresome – and us enthusiasts of Japanese pop culture are always keen to explain that Japan counts for more than a collection of bizarre visuals … Read More


BRATS return with the energetic rock of ‘AINIKOIYO’… One of J-Pop Go’s songs of 2015 was the percussive pop of ’14-sai boy’ brought to us via BRATS, the outfit formed by sisters Rei Kuromiya (vocals) and Aya Kuromiya (bass). If … Read More

Summer arrives with LYRICAL SCHOOL

After bringing the wonderful ‘RUN and RUN’ with its unique video, Tokyo-based outfit lyrical school return with the seasonal ‘Summer Foundation’. The video for ‘Summer Foundation’ uses synchronised firework choreography that was filmed at the Aioi Peron Festival at the … Read More


Everyone’s favourite metal maids return with album No. 2… The rapid rise of BABYMETAL as a global phenomenon certainly took people by surprise. That it happened in a period of time in which other Japanese outfits have been trying their … Read More


Raw idol goodness from Ebichu… The idol scene appears to be going through a particularly active period at the moment with both new groups and old groups jostling for position. It’s a situation that’s also been accentuated by the emergent … Read More


Go go gadget Dempa… With the release of their fourth studio album Gogo Dempa, appear to be on the path to establishing themselves as veteran idols. The real question is whether of not this suggests an evolution in their … Read More


In the continuing arms race of clever videos it’s down to idol outfit lyrical school to push the envelope with their mobile phone-friendly pv for ‘RUN and RUN’… Originally starting out as tengal6 back in 2010, the Tokyo-based group recreated … Read More


PERFUME return with an album of quality and distinction… It’s been 3 years since Perfume’s last studio album LEVEL3 – a time that’s seen J-Pop continually evolving while more and more acts enter an increasingly busy scene. Perfume have enjoyed … Read More

J-Pop Go Songs of 2015

2015 was a particularly strong year for J-pop which saw some old favourites as well as the debuts of some fine talents. Here’s our take of the best songs of the year… Otsukare Summer – The arrival of Dempagumi.Inc’s … Read More


PERFUME offer an insight into the inner workings of J-pop’s finest in a new documentary… London was fortunate enough to have the opportunity of a screening of the new Perfume documentary WE ARE Perfume -WORLD TOUR 3rd DOCUMENT this month. … Read More

BRATS reveal pv for ’14-sai byou’

LADYBABY’s Rei Kuromiya releases new video for her BRATS outing… With LADYBABY enjoying a surge of publicity recently, it might be surprising to learn that Rei Kuromiya has been busy with her other outfit BRATS. BRATS, which also features Rei’s … Read More

FLAVIYAKE – Anime Girl

FLAVIYAKE returns with some anime-inspired pop goodness… The electropop wonder that is FLAVIYAKE took us by surprise when she emerged on the scene several years ago. The Moldovian musical prodigy (she was writing songs at age 10 – and was … Read More

CHARISMA.COM – Ai Ai Syndrome

With an aggressive lyrical style, CHARISMA.COM challenge your J-pop expectations on this new vinyl release… Although they had been friends at school, it wasn’t until Itsuka and Gonchi left that the pair entertained the idea of doing music together. The … Read More

4TE’s Chii releases solo single WHY DO I

4TE member Chii releases her solo single ‘Why Do I’ – a smooth electronic pop delight… 4TE are a J-pop-influenced 4-piece based in the US. Formed in 2013, the four members (Chii, Jenny, Micchi, and Mei) collaborated with producers Berry … Read More


Making her singing debut, HIMEZAWA steps forth with new single release ‘Wagamama Love’… Originally hailing from Germany, HIMEZAWA spent a brief time in the UK before moving to Japan where she became a model for Asobisystem. Her cosplaying career kicked … Read More


The activities of alternative idol outfit Brand-new Idol Society managed to spark the interest of Jojo Hiroshige back in 2012. Hiroshige fronted classic noise band Hijokaidan, whose own antics seemed to suggest similar themes in line with BiS. Hiroshige had … Read More


While the UK summer appears to be being washed away by torrential rain this week, we can still brighten our lives up with the aid of a few good tunes. Fortunately, KELSEY ELLISON has released a new song just in … Read More


Weapons of Dempa Destruction… The arrival of Dempagumi.Inc’s third studio album brings with it some of the best examples of contemporary idol music. In a period where idol outfits are generally still in the ascendant, it’s always a nice surprise … Read More

DIE MILCH – Imperial

The Gothic Pop outfit enter their Imperial Phase… Die Milch surprised everyone with the release of debut album Metronom in 2013, demonstrating a remarkably effective baroque pop approach. Now comes their new album Imperial – a stylish collection of songs … Read More

FIFI RONG – Breathless

Fifi Rong returns with a new video and a special headline London performance… The release of Next Pursuit by Fifi Rong back in April provided us with a collection of smooth, soulful tunes. As we noted in our feature on … Read More


Technopop trio going strong… With the exception of those living under a rock recently, it’s clear that J-Pop superstars Perfume have been quite busy recently with song releases and tour plans. ‘Cling Cling’, which offers up Perfume’s 25th single release … Read More


Beyond the 5th Dimension… The release of 5TH DIMENSION in 2013 landed MOMOIRO CLOVER Z with their first No.1 position on the Oricon charts, shifting over 235,000 copies. It’s time to catch up with what our colourful 5-piece outfit have … Read More

FIFI RONG – Next Pursuit

Fifi Rong returns with her unique stylish sounds… Fifi Rong has been keeping a high profile of late with the 2013 release of her debut single ‘Over You’ and debut album Wrong, a guest appearance on Tricky’s album False Idols, … Read More

BABYMETAL – Babymetal

For Fox Sake… Although the outfit formed in 2010, it’s only now that the raucous trio known as BABYMETAL have released their debut album, the eponymously titled BABYMETAL. Originally formed as a sub-unit of idol outfit Sakura Gakuin under the … Read More


Former BiS member YUFU TERASHIMA has revealed the video for her debut solo release ‘Youflight’. ‘Youflight’, as previously reported, was penned by Yumemi Nemu (DEMPAGUMI INC) and composed by rionos (who is also working with former AKB48 star Erena Ono). … Read More


More details have emerged about former Brand-New Idol Society member YUFU TERASHIMA‘s forthcoming single release, which now has the title ‘Youflight’. ‘Youflight’ was penned by Yumemi Nemu (DEMPAGUMI INC) and composed by rionos (also working with former AKB48 star Erena … Read More


BiS go Odd… Our chums in Brand-New Idol Society have a new single release titled ‘STUPiG’ out this month – and just to be different they’re releasing 6 different versions of the video for the track ‘ODD FUTURE’. The concept … Read More

DIE MILCH – Metronom

Baroque pop goodness Die Milch’s debut album Metronom boasts a superb collection of baroque pop tunes with a strong sense of classical influences and contemporary musical touches. Instrumental opening track ‘Dynamite’ acts in many ways as an overture to the … Read More

Into the VOID with Coppé

At the culmination of her UK tour, Legendary Godmother of Japanese Electronica, Coppé rounded things off with a special post-tour party in London. The location of choice was Rudy’s Revenge cocktail bar, a hidden gem amongst London’s nighttime venues. Guests … Read More


Perfume return with a slice of serviceable technopop Having achieved domestic success, the Technopop trio of Perfume continue to carve their global path and appear to have emerged as the flag-waving vanguard for J-Pop. LEVEL3 is Perfume’s 4th studio album … Read More


Savvy UK fans will be aware that PERFUME’s new album LEVEL3 will be getting a UK release (both physical and digital) on 28th October, but even before LEVEL3 has made itself comfortable another single release is inbound titled ‘Sweet Refrain’. … Read More

5TH DIMENSION – Momoiro Clover Z

5TH DIMENSION marks the long-awaited follow-up album to Momoiro Clover Z’s 2011 album release Battle And Romance. As their first album is largely considered a classic of the J-Pop genre, how does their sophomore album shape up? As expected, 5TH … Read More

Introducing AKI AKANE

Screaming Cinderella in action If you’re lucky enough to be attending the Japan Expo in Paris this month, you’ll also have an opportunity to meet popular illustrator and singer Aki Akane who will be both appearing and performing at the … Read More


The musical talents of Raychell… RAYCHELL’s debut album release via Avex, L>R serves up a collection of tunes that demonstrate the ability of the soulful songstress to embrace a broad variety of styles. From wistful piano-led ballads to edgy electropop … Read More

YUN*CHI – Yun*Chi

Smooth J-Pop stylings The arrival of Yun*chi has, in some respects, been decidedly low-key – although with fellow ASOBISYSTEM stablemate Kyary Pamyu Pamyu courting more column inches, this is to be expected. As mentioned previously, Yun*chi’s approach to the world … Read More


Tales from Bisneyland… Since their inception, the ‘anti-idol’ idol outfit Brand-New Idol Society have gone through some line-up changes, fake breakup speeches, released some eyebrow-raising videos and generally gone out of their way to get attention. Their antics have clearly … Read More

GAMETIME – Oishii! Ichigo

Taking their lead from Japan’s diverse Idol outfits, Oishii!Ichigo are the UK’s own homegrown equivalent, albeit without the generous financial backing of record labels or marketing outfits. Instead, the Oishii! Outfit are a good example of enthusiasts pooling their resources … Read More

The Colourful World Of MOMOIRO CLOVER Z

Colourful idol outfit Momoiro Clover Z have revealed the video for their new release ‘Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi-tachi Yo’ and are clearly going for a gothic theme. It’s bizarre that we’re seeing so many dark and spooky visual themes lately. It’s … Read More

TOQUIWA – Toquiwa

Raw rock energy Feisty 3-piece outfit TOQUIWA have their eponymous new album now out, which also marks their debut release on the Scopitones label. Scopitones is the home label of UK post-punk band The Wedding Present and TOQUIWA will be … Read More

AKB48 get Annoying

Japan’s top idol outfit AKB48 have made the video for new single ‘UZA’ available and shows the group adopting a Gothic visual look, whilst also going for a more Electropop sound. The title of the single ‘UZA’ refers to the … Read More

BIS make their Avex debut

A trip to Bisneyland… Our favourite idol group BiS (Brand-New Idol Society) today mark their first release on the Avex label with the release of new single ‘PPCC’. It’s been an interesting path for the girls who present a much … Read More


Pop rock perfection… Pop Tune follows on from Shonen Knife’s 2010 release Free Time (and also their 2011 Osaka Ramones album). You could never accuse them of being slackers. For a band that’s been going since 1981, they’re remarkably productive … Read More

K-ON! Review

A look at the anime series phenomenon K-On! swiftly emerged as a classic anime series on its initial outing. As well as being seen to promote and encourage music, the series also managed to be great entertainment at the same … Read More

Introducing JESSE RUINS

There’s an intriguing electronic music scene in Japan at the moment which is the polar opposite of the more familiar primary colours of the contemporary J-Pop scene. Jesse Ruins is a good example of this with their moody electronic soundscapes … Read More


With the release of ‘Strawberry Cream Soda Pop Daydream’ in 2009 it looked like this Best Of album would mark the end of Tomoko Kawase’s alter ego project as Tommy February6. So it was a welcome relief that in 2011 … Read More


Classic tune gets smooth remix Saori Yuki is a Japanese singer who began her career in the 1960’s specialising in Kayokyoku – a style of Japanese music that was a result of absorbing various Western styles. She scored a Japanese … Read More

JPN – Perfume

The Technopop trio return Following on from 2009’s Triangle album, Perfume return with JPN to continue their domination of the Technopop landscape. Debuting at No. 1 in the Oricon chart (the album sold 227,000 copies in its first week alone) … Read More

UTADA Exodus

Iconic artist returns The first word which sprang to mind when I listened to this album was “surprising”. The title is significant – Hikaru Utada hasn’t just departed from her old style of music, this is definitely an ‘Exodus’. Listening … Read More