FLAVIYAKE – Anime Girl

FLAVIYAKE returns with some anime-inspired pop goodness…

The electropop wonder that is FLAVIYAKE took us by surprise when she emerged on the scene several years ago. The Moldovian musical prodigy (she was writing songs at age 10 – and was performing her own songs in clubs age 16) brought forth a box of pop delights, such as the sequenced rhythms of ‘Electronic Boy’, the soaring vocals of ‘Angelic Song’ and the euphoric ‘Celestial Cutie’.

Flaviyake has certainly lived an interesting life. As a child, she was convinced that she was an alien who had been sent to observe life on earth. Later, she had some particularly vivid portents involving Madonna: “When I was a teenager I had some mysterious dreams about Madonna – interpreted as signs of my destiny”.

Based the UK for a time, Flaviyake performed at events such as the London Anime and Games Convention to trial out her material on live audiences. In 2014 she embarked on some global adventures, which first saw her in Moscow to shoot the video for the pop politics of ‘Because I’m A Doll’. Finally, she jetted to the US and began working with producers Matt Wong and Eddie Gomez in Los Angeles.

Wong and Gomez have managed to open up a broader palette of sound for Flaviyake to work in, which is particularly true of ‘Anime Girl’. Although a staple part of Flaviyake’s live setlist previously, this new version gives the song a much more robust impact with its lush production and squelchy synth sounds.

‘Anime Girl’ also managed to secure a nomination in the Pop category at the recent Hollywood Music In Media Awards. The annual event honours the music of a broad range of categories including film, TV and video games. It also recognises artists globally rather than being purely US-based which offers opportunities for artists such as Flaviyake to achieve recognition.

Flaviyake is also a semi-finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest with the results due before the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Flaviyake continues shaping and moulding her own particular brand of quirky pop tunes in Los Angeles. The current goal is to polish up material for her forthcoming debut album currently titled Californian Reincarnation.

If you like to switch your J-pop up with an assortment of pop confectionery, then feel free to sample the world of Flaviyake.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Flaviyake
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/flaviyake/sets/flaviyake
Instagram: http://instagram.com/flaviyake