BRATS return with the energetic rock of ‘AINIKOIYO’…

One of J-Pop Go’s songs of 2015 was the percussive pop of ’14-sai boy’ brought to us via BRATS, the outfit formed by sisters Rei Kuromiya (vocals) and Aya Kuromiya (bass). If Rei’s name sounds familiar then it’s likely due to the fact that she was part of LADYBABY (currently trading as The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY since the departure of hirsute member Ladybeard).

With the success of LADYBABY it wouldn’t have been surprising if BRATS had fallen by the wayside. Instead, the outfit are still active and recently contributed new song ‘Nounai Shoukyo Game’ (‘Brain Erase Game’) for the soundtrack of Japanese film Slaveman, directed by Noboru Iguchi (Machine Girl).

This week, they’ve also announced a new release titled ‘アイニコイヨ’ (‘Ainikoiyo’), penned as the theme tune to anime series To Be Hero. Both ‘Nounai Shoukyo Game’ and ‘Ainikoiyo’ show BRATS adopting a more hard rock-orientated direction, but with plenty of energy and attitude.

To Be Hero comes via Emon Animation Company, a Japanese outlet for Shangai-based anime studio Haoliners. The series itself certainly isn’t your run-of-the-mill anime title with the protagonist Ossan established as a good looking divorcee, albeit a bit of a slob, who lives with his daughter and works as a toilet seat designer. One day, after being sucked into the toilet (an obvious career hazard in the world of toilet seat design…), Ossan is given super powers to save the planet. Unfortunately, the bad part of the bargain is that he’s transformed into an ugly guy…

BRATS has helped to establish Rei Kuromiya as someone to watch – at only 15-years-old, she’s already a talent keen to pave her own way. A fan of outfits such as MAN WITH A MISSION and Maximum the Hormone, Rei has always been drawn towards the rock end of the musical spectrum – something that BRATS definitely delivers.

The release of ‘Ainikoiyo’ means that BRATS is back with a bang and they’re shaping up to be an outfit worth focusing on for the future.