While the UK summer appears to be being washed away by torrential rain this week, we can still brighten our lives up with the aid of a few good tunes. Fortunately, KELSEY ELLISON has released a new song just in time to chase those grey skies away.

‘BOOM BOOM’ marks Kelsey’s second release following on from the hyper-kinetic pop goodness of 2014’s ‘Pom Pom’. The new release is cut from similar cloth, but there’s something much tighter and much more catchy in this latest offering which delivers crunchy electropop rhythms and euphoric choral melodies.

The other crucial point to be noted from this latest tune is that although there’s nods to Japanese pop culture, the songs roots are closer to a western tradition, which isn’t surprising given that Kelsey draws inspiration from the likes of Gwen Stefani and Yolandi Visser – as well as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

‘BOOM BOOM’ is available in two flavours: the original and also a remix version (featuring the talents of musician and Vine star Leslie Wai) which has a much looser and more laid-back arrangement.

Meanwhile, the video is an explosion of colour featuring Kelsey in a variety of outfits and costumes – and a variety of colourful locations, including footage from Kelsey’s recent Japan trip. A lot of the visual ideas suggest the theatrical elements of a Tommy February6 video, which is a definite bonus.

The pop tuneage of ‘BOOM BOOM’ comes via a collaboration between Kelsey, Maya Von Doll (Sohodolls) and French producer and DJ Dimitri Tikovoi (who’s worked with the like of Charli XCX, Placebo and Nicola Roberts, amongst others). Maya also worked with Kelsey on ‘Pom Pom’, keeping a winning combination of talents.

It’s been a busy time for Barnsley’s finest with appearances at Hyper Japan, Yorkshire Cosplay Con, Summer In The City and Geek Con 2, which takes place today in Gateshead. The energy of her performances has won her new fans at every subsequent event and the addition of ‘BOOM BOOM’ to her arsenal of songs is guaranteed to win over some more.

With two solid songs under her belt, the future is going to be an interesting time for Kelsey as the inevitable question of an album looms on the horizon.

BOOM BOOM is available via iTunes.

Kelsey is appearing at Geek Con 2 in Gateshead today. More info: