PERFUME – If You Wanna

The tunesome threesome return with an electropop moment…

Following on from the release of Perfume’s 5th studio album COSMIC EXPLORER in 2016, the technopop trio have kept themselves busy with touring, the release of the documentary WE ARE PERFUME and also the unveiling of their own signature fragrance, PERFUME OF PERFUME.

In the run-up to COSMIC EXPLORER’s inevitable follow-up, producer Yasutaka Nakata has been penning new tunes for Perfume. ‘Tokyo Girl’ arrived in February of this year, a slow-burning slice of technopop that delivered its rewards after a few spins. The song also served as the theme music to the drama Tokyo Tarareba Girls (which also featured A-chan debuting as a voice actress).

Now comes ‘If You Wanna’, Pefume’s 24th CD single and (as is now standard for a lot of Perfume releases) tied in with a commercial collaboration. In this case, ‘If You Wanna’ is a part of a campaign with oral care and body product outfit Ora2. Meanwhile, the additional track ‘Everyday’ featured in the Panasonic AWA DANCE campaign.

‘If You Wanna’ is a serviceable electropop number with a polished and smooth line in melodies and a few dubstep moments thrown into the mix. As with ‘Spending All My Time’, it’s upset some people who are throwing the world’s biggest temper tantrum until Perfume release ‘One Room Disco (Part II)’ – or until Nakata stops writing for songs for that hussy Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (whichever comes sooner).

Similarly, COSMIC EXPLORER (incidentally, an album that Rolling Stone Magazine added to their list of 20 Best Pop Albums of 2016), came under fire from some camps for not being of a certain standard. Bizarrely, the superior remixes of some of the singles bringing particular ire. Clearly there were people who thought the single version of ‘Hold Your Hand’ was a masterpiece that didn’t need touching ever again.

‘If you Wanna’ comes in two flavours, with a standard release and a limited edition release. Both comes with a bonus DVD with different content, with the standard release featuring the ‘Everyday’ video, while the special release includes 2 performances from Perfume Fes!! 2017.

Digital fans will note that ‘If You Wanna’ is also available on iTunes here in the UK.