Summer arrives with LYRICAL SCHOOL

After bringing the wonderful ‘RUN and RUN’ with its unique video, Tokyo-based outfit lyrical school return with the seasonal ‘Summer Foundation’.

The video for ‘Summer Foundation’ uses synchronised firework choreography that was filmed at the Aioi Peron Festival at the start of July 2016 (one of Hyogo’s biggest summer events and was made with the cooperation of Hyogo’s chamber of commerce).

‘Summer Foundation’ has a breezy, uplifting feel to it which is perfect for the hot summer weather. Available for digital download and streaming from JPU Records, the digital single also contains a cover of EDU’s classic track from Japan’s “golden age” of hip hop ‘Kiss Me’. Also included are remixes from their previous single’s songs ‘RUN and RUN’ and ‘lyrisch no uta’, plus two instrumental tracks.

Keeping themselves busy, lyrical school also star as the heroines of a new movie in Japan, which sees them save the world from an alien invasion with the power of hip hop.

‘Summer Foundation’ is out now from JPU Records and is available via Amazon and iTunes.