BRATS reveal pv for ’14-sai byou’


LADYBABY’s Rei Kuromiya releases new video for her BRATS outing…

With LADYBABY enjoying a surge of publicity recently, it might be surprising to learn that Rei Kuromiya has been busy with her other outfit BRATS.

BRATS, which also features Rei’s sister Aya, offer up a much more muscular approach to idol music which is clear from the percussive pop of ’14-sai byou’. The song is a reference to chuunibyou – a condition that apparently affects 2nd year middle-school students who find themselves stuck between childhood and adulthood trying to figure out who they are.

’14-sai byou’ comes with a pedigree as it was penned by URBANGARDE‚Äôs Tenma Matsunaga – and inspired by Rei who is herself 14-years-old.

Meanwhile, Rei will be attending HYPER JAPAN this weekend as part of LADYBABY – and celebrating her 15th Birthday. Hopefully this will inspire a possible appearance by BRATS at Hyper Japan in the future.