Classic tune gets smooth remix

Saori Yuki is a Japanese singer who began her career in the 1960’s specialising in Kayokyoku – a style of Japanese music that was a result of absorbing various Western styles. She scored a Japanese hit back in 1969 with the 1.5 Million selling ‘Yoake no Scat’ (Scat At Dawn) – a feat that led to success not only in music but also TV and an acting career.

During the 1980s she toured Japan with her sister Sachiko performing children’s songs, weaving in classic songs, pop tunes and anime songs (and scoring a hit album along the way). In 2009 she released her first studio album since 1984, which also commemorated her 40th Anniversary as a singer. In 2011 she collaborated with Pink Martini to release a new album titled 1969 which achieved popularity not only in Japan but also in America, Canada, Singapore and Greece.

And it’s to Greece that we turn for this marvelous remix of Saori’s best-known song Yoake no Scat courtesy of Greek-based synth duo Marsheaux. Signed to Undo Records, Marsheaux consists of Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou who released their first full studio album E-Bay Queen in 2004. They’ve since established themselves as an accomplished electropop outfit who have mastered the art of infectious melodic hooks and melancholic washes of sound.

Marsheaux will also be making a rare trip to London in April as part of TEC002 – An evening of Electropop goodness organised by our sister site The Electricity Club. Marsheaux play TEC002 on Sunday 29th April 2012 at Ballyhoo (formally The Bowery), 36-38 New Oxford Street, London WC1A 1E. Special guests at TEC002 include Fotonovela and DJ Rusty Egan.