In Regeneratione Tour It would be fair to say that occult-powered idol act NECRONOMIDOL have been through some ups and downs in recent times. The successive line-up changes can’t fail to be a frustrating obstacle, presenting a precarious foundation to … Read More

EKOTUMI Live in London

A journey into Japanese mythology… The Kojiki is considered to be the oldest literary work in Japan, a chronicle of the myths and legends of Japanese history. It also weaves in oral traditions and semi-historical accounts and elements of its … Read More

GARNiDELiA – Otome no kokoroe

Anime pop go… J-pop duo GARNiDELiA continue adding to their anime theme song portfolio with new tune ‘Otome no kokoroe’, ahead of the release of a new album. Consisting of singer Mai Mizuhashi (aka MARiA) and Vocaloid producer Yoshinori Abe (aka toku), GARNiDELiA have previously lent … Read More

EKOTUMI – A Wingless Country

Exploring Japanese mythology… Songwriter and singer, performer and novelist of Japanese mythology and folklore, Ekotumi’s approach to music is grounded in an exploration of Japanese mythology, particularly the idea of kami, a Shinto concept which embodies “gods” as elements of … Read More

HEAVENSTAMP – From the Basement

Feeling the light New record label Setsuzoku Records sprang from music promoters Orion Live in an effort to expand on their plans to deliver Japanese music directly to UK audiences. Starting up in 2020, the label has since gathered an … Read More

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