BABYMETAL Live in London 2020

Galaxy Quest… The appearance of Babymetal’s Metal Galaxy album (see J-Pop Go review previously) seemed to spark up some debate in certain quarters (‘PA PA YA!!’ in particular), largely because although the variety of new influences on that album gave … Read More

JUN OKADA Interview

Fragile love… Those familiar with the Japanese grassroots music scene in London will no doubt be familiar with singer/songwriter Jun Okada. A regular performer at many gigs, including open mic performances and impromptu shows at Japanese venues, Jun also spent … Read More


Odd Sting & Intrigue Kanon Wakeshima originally established herself over the years with a very distinct baroque pop approach to music, typified by her use of the cello and her work alongside Malice Mizer musician and producer Mana. Her 2008 … Read More


Lounge pop party It seems surprising that nearly ten years have passed since Kanon Wakeshima graced UK shores as a live performer. During those interleaving years her style has been undergoing something of an evolution from the classic ‘Lolita Pop’ … Read More

KANON WAKESHIMA – Odd Sting & Intrigue

Slick and stylish moments Having combined the visual style of Gothic Lolita with a theatrical baroque pop approach to her music, Kanon Wakeshima swiftly won fans over with her 2008 debut ‘Still Doll’. Albums such as 2009’s Shinshoku Dolce and … Read More

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