Adventures at AMECON

Amecon 2012 drew to a close last Sunday evening after 3 days of entertainment, stories, events and general mayhem. The event, which is the UK’s largest anime convention, is a fan-run event which has been running since 2004 featuring cosplay … Read More

Catching up with KANON

News from the baroque pop princess… Gothic songstress KANON WAKESHIMA is certainly keeping herself occupied lately. Kanon will be taking part in the KITTYROBOT exhibition this month which is a charity event running from 12th to 19th August in Harajuku. … Read More

PERFUME get controversial

Is Perfume now too western for some tastes? The PV for Perfume’s new single release ‘Spending All My Time’ has now been released. ‘Spending All My Time’ marks Perfume’s 21st single release (following Spring Of Life which was issued back … Read More

Idols, Anime & Reality

For most anime and manga fans, the Japanese concept of an idol won’t be an unfamiliar thing. From Super Dimensional Force Macross to this year’s Symphogear, idols have been represented in anime as charismatic pop stars with the ability to … Read More

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