Idols, Anime & Reality

For most anime and manga fans, the Japanese concept of an idol won’t be an unfamiliar thing. From Super Dimensional Force Macross to this year’s Symphogear, idols have been represented in anime as charismatic pop stars with the ability to … Read More

SHONEN KNIFE Discography

Let’s Knife… The sheer number of studio albums released by Shonen Knife is quite staggering. Here we present a rough discography and guide to their major releases (minus single releases, compilations and collections). Along the way we chart just how … Read More

SHONEN KNIFE – Rock Society

“If you like upbeat Punk Rock they’re the band for you!” For a band that’s been active for 30 years, Shonen Knife have had their fair share of press coverage which has helped to pave the way for their success. … Read More

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