New PERFUME Best Of album due

Technopop Cubed

To commemorate Perfume’s 15th major debut anniversary year in September, the technopop trio will be releasing a new extensive ‘Best Of’ album.

Perfume The Best ‘P Cubed’ will feature 52 songs spanning Perfume’s entire career. Remastered by producer/songwriter Yasutaka Nakata, the album will also feature two brand new songs, including ‘Nananananairo’ (which previously featured in a campaign for sheet masks).

Perfume released their first major label single ‘Linear Motor Girl’ on the Tokuma Japan Communications label in September 2005. This was followed by their first greatest hist album Perfume: Complete Best the following year.

In 2012, Perfume also released the Love the World compilation album, but P Cubed offers a much more expansive collection of songs.

As well as standard 3CD editions. P Cubed will also be issued in two special Limited Edition releases. These special editions will feature a Blu-Ray (or DVD) along with a photobook.

Full details, along with a track listing, are due to follow.

Perfume The Best ‘P Cubed’ is due for release on 19th September 2019.

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