It’s time for another J-Pop Go News Briefing, bringing you some stories, gossip and entertainment from around the web. Click on the links for more details…

  • tn_hikasaHIKASA YOKO, better known as being the voice of Mio in the anime series K-On! is releasing her solo debut with first single Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai on 8th May. The song has also been chosen at the end theme for the anime Shingeki no Kyojin which is due to air in Japan from April. A second single titled Owaranai Uta is being used as the theme song for the anime film Haru on June 5th []
  • tn_mikuHATSUNE MIKU has covered nano.RIPE’s Kagefunu (Stepping On The Shadow) – also the theme song to forthcoming anime Hanasaku Iroha: Home Sweet Home. The anime is due to open in Japan on the 30th March. []
  • tn_miraiperfumeAs a tie-in with their theme for the new Doraemon film, PERFUME have a special website where users can create their own comics featuring the band members and their new single Mirai no Museum. On the website, users write their own lines into four panels of the comic. For the fifth panel, the computer will automatically analyze the data put into the text boxes to create the last scene, using real footage of the girls from the music video. The single is due for release on 27th February. []
  • tn_vampsVAMPS may yet be landing in the UK for live shows. The outfit have signed up with promoters LiveNation ahead of plans for a world tour. This comes as part of a transfer to Universal Music’s Delicious Deli Records – the first release of which will be a live VAMPS DVD & BluRay titled VAMPS LIVE 2012 due out on 14th April. This will feature the Zepp Namba performance of their nationwide tour in 2012. Commenting on the deal, HYDE said “It is my dream to be active overseas as well as in Japan, so it would be nice to explore while using this opportunity.” []

And that wraps up our J-Pop Go News Briefing for now!