JAPANESE MAID CAFE – 2nd September 2012

The JAPANESE MAID CAFE event returns to London next month for more tasty Japanese food, Maid service, Games and Fun!

Maid Cafes are popular establishments in Japan where the staff, dressed in maid costumes, treat the customers as you would as masters and mistresses in a private home.

As well as taking orders and serving food, the maids will play games with the customers and give dance performances. This includes routines to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu songs plus “Romantic Ukare Mode” and “Seikan Hikou” dance routines. The Japanese Maids are professionally trained performers who also sing, dance and play piano for entertainment at the special events.

The next Japanese Maids Cafe event takes place at Hellenic Restaurant in Camden, London on Sunday 2nd September 2012.

Here’s footage of the Maids in action at Supperclub event earlier this year:

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