YUN*CHI confirmed for HYPER JAPAN 2013

HYPER JAPAN 2013 will see the UK debut performance of Yun*chi – the latest star to emerge from ASOBISYSTEM (the outfit that brought us the wonderful KYARY PAMYU PAMYU).

As regular readers will know, J-Pop Go was the first UK outlet to bring attention to the percussive pop perfection of Yun*chi earlier this year. Yun*chi, who grew up with musical ambitions from an early age after encouragement by her mother (who is herself a singer), later began working with Kz(livetune), including this superb take on the Kare Kano theme song.

Her eponymous mini album emerged towards the end of 2012 and featured her best-known song Reverb (whose pv featured the Kyary-esque lip dancers) – a bright, very melodic, very pure build of J-Pop that nevertheless has enough of dance element in its production that it would be at home in the club, your home or whichever sound delivery system takes your fancy.

Yun*chi’s most recent release is the follow-up Shake you* mini album which was released in April.

HYPER JAPAN is the UK’s largest Japanese culture event and takes place on 26th-28th July 2013.