TOMMY FEBRUARY6 shows her sweet side

Tommy February6 has revealed sneak previews for 2 new songs online.

‘RUNAWAY’ and ‘SUGAR ❤ ME’ are taken from the new album TOMMY CANDY SHOP ❤ SUGAR ❤ ME which follows on from the split album (with other alter-ego Tommy Heavenly6) February & Heavenly in 2012. ‘RUNAWAY’also features as the end theme for TV series Jitsuroku Sekai no Mystery.

So how does the 2013 version of Tommy sound? The traditional squelchy synths are still in place, but there’s more of a contemporary Electropop feel here with bassy percussive beats on ‘SUGAR ❤ ME’, while ‘RUNAWAY’ goes for a rapidfire melody and also features Tommy singing in English (usually a move that can upset people…).

The ‘Tommy Candy Shop’ concept is also visually very strong in the videos which are crammed with cakes, ice cream and strawberries. There’s also a bit of a return to the Strawberry Switchblade esthetic with the almost-polka dot dresses of the backing dancers. Regular Tommy fans will also spot the return of the hip flask! It’s looking good and it’s a welcome move that there’s been such a short gap between releases.tommy_candy_shop

‘TOMMY CANDY SHOP ❤ SUGAR ❤ ME’ also features the single ‘Be My Valentine’ and is part of what’s described as ‘The Brilliant Green Tomoko Kawase Debut 15th Anniversary Project’. The track listing for the album is as follows:

  • Fairy Dust
  • Sugar ♥ Me
  • Runaway
  • Angel Fade
  • Spacey Cowgirl
  • Pink Army
  • Ai no ♥ Ai no Hoshi (愛の♥愛の星; Star of Love)
  • My Vacation
  • Summer Bubbles
  • Be My Valentine

The album will be released as both a normal edition and a special Limited Edition with DVD featuring two songs from the album. ‘TOMMY CANDY SHOP ❤ SUGAR ❤ ME’ is released 12th June.