TOMMY FEBRUARY6 shows her sweet side

Tommy February6 has revealed sneak previews for 2 new songs online. ‘RUNAWAY’ and ‘SUGAR ❤ ME’ are taken from the new album TOMMY CANDY SHOP ❤ SUGAR ❤ ME which follows on from the split album (with other alter-ego Tommy … Read More

New TOMMY FEBRUARY6 album this June

Following on from her split album February & Heavenly in 2012, Tommy February6 returns with a brand new album this June. ‘TOMMY CANDY SHOP ❤ SUGAR ❤ ME’ will feature the single ‘Be My Valentine’ and also includes ‘Runaway’ which … Read More


With the release of ‘Strawberry Cream Soda Pop Daydream’ in 2009 it looked like this Best Of album would mark the end of Tomoko Kawase’s alter ego project as Tommy February6. So it was a welcome relief that in 2011 … Read More

The return of TOMMY FEBRUARY6

February thrills In 2001, Brilliant Green singer Tomoko Kawase launched her solo career under the character of Tommy February6 – a self-manufactured alter ego whose infectious melodies, distinctive visual appearance and amazing videos made a definite impact on the J-Pop … Read More