THE TOMBOYS return to London

4-piece Japanese rock outfit THE TOMBOYS return to London on the 19th March along with special guests.

In 2016, UK audiences got the opportunity to experience the energy of this former SCANDAL covers outfit firsthand. They played a special performance prior to their appearance at Hyper Japan. The foursome also worked with ex-Sex Pistols guitarist Glen Matlock, who’s been on production duties for THE TOMBOYS’ mini-album COME BACK TO 19.

Also joining THE TOMBOYS will be No Cars, seasoned veterans of the Japanese music scene here in the UK. The outfit describe themselves as “a musical cocktail served to you accidentally in a pop glass by Jap girls and a raccoon… on a rollercoaster”.

J-Pop Go will also be on DJ duties for this special event which takes place at Zigfrid von Underbelly of Hoxton.

More details here: J-Pop Go Events Page.