PERFUME compilation album on the way

Technopop showcase

PERFUME will be releasing a compilation album titled LOVE THE WORLD this September featuring a selection of the outfit’s previous single releases and selected songs.

LOVE THE WORLD will be getting a global release ahead of the trio’s Asia Tour which will see them perform in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore in October/November. The compilation is due to feature songs such as ‘Polyrhythm’, ‘Laser Beam’ and ‘Chocolate Disco’ amongst others.

Meanwhile, the sleeve art for new single ‘Spending All My Time’ has been revealed and the single is due for release on 15th August. This release will also include the songs ‘Point’ and ‘Hurly Burly’ (both used as a Kirin CM songs).

If that wasn’t enough Perfume news, the trio are also releasing a live DVD next month. The DVD will feature Perfume’s performance at Hiroshima Green Arena as part of the JPN tour. A limited edition release of the DVD will also feature a second disc with footage from their Saitama Super Arena concert, Nippon Budokan performances as well as other bonus video items.

The complete DVD listing is as follows:

01. The Opening
02. Laser Beam (album mix)
04. Electro World
05. One Room Disco
06. Have a Stroll
07. Toki no Hari
08. Kasuka na Kaori
09. Spice
10. JPN Special
11. GLITTER (album mix)
12. JPN Medley
13. Polyrhythm
14. “P.T.A” no Corner
16. Nee
17. Jenny wa Gokigen Naname
18. Chocolate Disco
20. Dream Fighter
21. Kokoro no Sports

DISC 2: (Limited Edition)
01. Saitama Super Arena ENCORE
02. Spice (multiangle version)
03. Toki no Hari (A~chan version)
04. Toki no Hari (Kashiyuka version)
05. Toki no Hari (Nocchi version)
06. MC
07. Communication (Nippon Budokan)
08. Spring of Life (Nippon Budokan)

PERFUME 3RD TOUR JPN is released on 1st August
‘Spending All My Time’ is released on 15th August
LOVE THE WORLD will be released on 12th September.