KYARY PAMYU PAMYU embarks on a Star Trek

tkyaryKYARY PAMYU PAMYU appears as guest vocalist on a new song written for the Japanese release of Star Trek Into Darkness.

The song, titled ‘Into Darkness’ was composed by Star Trek director J.J.Abrams, along with Charles Scott and Yasutaka Nakata. The song is also performed by Yasutaka in his capsule guise. Regular readers will, of course, know that Yasutaka also writes and produces for other Japanese artists, including both Kyary and Perfume.

The result is a very smooth slice of crunchy electropop topped off with enhanced vocals from Kyary. The song is designed to be slotted into a club sequence during the film and is one of several region-specific songs that involved collaborations between director J.J.Abrams and top artists from select countries.

Star Trek Into Darkness is released in Japan on 23rd August.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s new album Nanda Collection is out now and is also available in the UK digitally (and for the very reasonable price of £3.99) via iTunes or Amazon.