Kyary brings Spooky concert thrills to London this May…

Mark your calendars as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu returns to London this May for a show titled The Spooky OBAKEYASHIKI.

Since her musical debut in 2011 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has swiftly become not only one of the leading lights in the world of J-pop, but also achieved a global presence that many Japanese artists can only dream of. KPP’s evolution as an artist, under the guiding hand of writer/producer Yasutaka Nakata, has produced a combination of engaging pop along with wonderfully bizarre visuals for her videos.

Singles such as ‘PONPONPON’ and ‘Fashion Monster’ up to more contemporary releases, such as 2017’s wistful ‘HARAJUKU IYAHOI’ demonstrate KPP’s broad appeal. She also collaborated with Charli XCX for ‘Crazy Crazy’ – a stripped-down Yasutaka Nakata-penned number that had a suitably bizarre face-swapping video.

KPP also celebrated her 5th anniversary in 2016, marked by the release of the KPP Best compilation album, along with a special tour (including another UK appearance).

Following on from her Halloween-themed concerts in Japan last year, her London show appears to be delivering similarly spooky themes for her UK fans.

The Spooky OBAKEYASHIKI takes place at Koko on 20th May 2018 and tickets will be on sale this Friday 2nd February from 10am via