An interview with YUN*CHI

YUN*CHI has steadily carved her own niche in J-Pop through the release of several mini albums which has led to the release of her debut album Asterix*.

Since her UK debut at Hyper Japan last year (where J-Pop Go first interviewed her), the singer has kept busy contributing to the anime Log Horizon as well as releasing her new song ‘Starlight*’ – a song inspired by the theme of summer, particularly the idea of the stars in the sky on a summer evening.

During the course of this interview Yun*chi battled rogue insects, confessed a liking for Western electropop combo Chvrches and declared her favourite drink as shochu…

You released your first full-length album Asterix* earlier this year. Can you talk a little about it and the meaning of the asterix symbol (*) in your songs?

The asterix mark used for the title in Japanese has the meaning of a small star, as well as being punctuation. Personally I see myself as being the small star involved and the only reason that I can shine out and be as bright as I am is because of the cooperation from all of the producers and all of the people who cooperated on that album.

So I’m really happy that because of the help I have from all of those people I can shine out as bright as I have and I can deliver that glow and that feeling to all my fans out there.

‘Your song*’ features in the anime Log Horizon. What was the process of composing the song for the anime?

We decided from a lot of different sounds and musical pieces that we had already made which one would fit best with the anime. So we worked on them and put them together to see which ones would work.

You’re working with noted Vocaloid producer U-SKE on the new album. Can you imagine a Vocaloid based on your voice?

It would be interesting to see it, definitely. And something people say to me a lot (I’m assuming they’re praising me on this!), they say that even though I sing with a natural voice I sound a lot like a Vocaloid anyway! (laughs) So for that experience coming to my life performances, to experience that kind of Vocaloid thing, it’s an interesting thing, definitely!

Your collaboration ‘Waon*’ with IroKokoro Project was an unexpected surprise. Do you think further collaborations with other UK performers might be possible in the future?

I can’t announce anything at the moment, but I am always looking for things to do like that, I’m always interested in that kind of collaboration, yes.

J-Pop Go extends its warmest thanks to Yun*chi and also to the HYPER JAPAN team. Special thanks to Sabrina Schultes.