Catching up with one the UK’s most talented performers…

As a rising star on the UK’s Japanese culture scene, Finny Attridge has already been a contestant for the Hyper Japan UK Kawaii Star Of The Year contest, Miss Teen Queen UK contestant and also featured in this year’s NEO calendar. Finny cites cosplay, singing and performance as interests and is also part of dance outfit Cinnamon Purin. Finny also has big plans for the future. J-Pop Go chatted to her about K-On!…..

Why do you like K-On!?

I wasn’t a K-On! fan until recently; in a small cosplay competition I was in, I was the only one NOT cosplaying from K-On!. I never realised it was so popular and decided to check it out.

I could never play an instrument and I am amazed at how the characters can go from being rubbish to formidable with all of their problems and hardly any practice as they spend half the series eating cake, teasing each other and go on trips to eat more food and drink more tea. I think it’s an interesting anime/manga, and I like the idea of the characters singing songs that went onto general release and became popular in their own right. Even the layout of the manga is different – eight box, and the storyline is gentle and flowing; it doesn’t demand you to finish, just takes you along for the ride.

Which character do you most identify with?

My favourite character is Mio and she is probably the character most like me – good grades, a little stage fright, strict on my goofy friends (in a nice way XD). I also like writing songs and know what it is like to have an unfortunate accident at the end of a show, which meant that I got a little extra attention afterwards. I envy Yui – all that food and she doesn’t gain a pound?

Which K-On!-featured song is your favourite?

CHOICES! I love the complete randomness of the lyrics, but I have a special liking for ‘Don’t Say “Lazy”‘ and ‘Girls In Wonderland’. I’m still discovering ones I like though – someone introduced me to ‘Fuwa Fuwa Time’ the other day, and even ones which I didn’t think much of previously such as ‘Cagayake! Girls’.

Has it inspired your own musical adventures?

I like learning the songs, and I hope to perform them one day. I like the closeness and friendship of the girls in Ho-kago Tea Time and it has motivated me to get better at music. My skills on the djembe drum and castanets won’t get me too far in a band.

More of a similarity than inspiration, when Yui forgets her lyrics mid performance it reminds me of a time where I was singing ‘Like A Prayer’ for a charity concert and just blanked. An awful feeling, and like a loon I just yelled “STOP! Madonna time!” and shuffled off the stage.

You’re keen on singing, can you tell us a little about what singing projects you’ve been involved with?

Mainly singing for charity events and musical theatre, but I hope to expand my horizons soon (watch this space). Who knows, maybe I’ll sneak a bit of K-On! in there!

J-Pop Go gives its warmest thanks to Finny Attridge.