2013 proved to be a very rewarding year for Japanese music, particularly with some major events in connection with the UK. We’re hoping 2014 will continue this trend – and there’s certainly going to be a wealth of album and … Read More


2013 proved to be a very busy year in the world of J-Pop, particularly for the UK which saw some significant events and pointed the way forward for an intriguing future. We look at the highlights of the year, including … Read More

KYARY unveils Mottainaitorando pv

KYARY PAMYU PAMYU has unveiled the pv for 7th single release ‘Mottainaitorando’. The single, which is released 6th November, revolves around the Japanese term Mottainai which roughly translated refers to a sense of regret over waste. The video features the … Read More

KYARY gets wasted for new single

Scary-haired wary fairy and altogether lairy J-Pop princess KYARY PAMYU PAMYU has announced details of her 7th single release. November will see Kyary issuing ‘Mottainaitorando’, currently in use as a CM for au. The Japanese term Mottainai roughly translated refers … Read More

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