kiraFollowing on from the success of her European tour, KYARY PAMYU PAMYU has a new single scheduled for release next month titled ‘Kira Kira Killer’ available as a strictly limited edition.

The single was again penned by Kyary/Perfume/Capsule supremo Yasutaka Nakata as a commercial song for Japanese company au and revolves around the theme of “luck” (as in – you’d be pretty damn lucky to get your hands on a copy…).

The Limited Edition release will feature a vinyl bag, sticker, signed mini poster and a ticket that allows you to enter a competition to win more special merchandise items. ‘Kira Kira Killer’ will also only be available in a limited number run of 7,777 copies.

‘Kira Kira Killer’ is released on 11th June 2014.


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